How to Eject Water from Your iPhone Using Siri Shortcuts

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I take a shower, I like to listen to music on my . My 13 therefore frequently receives water splashes, and the water typically enters the speaker grills at the bottom of the device. Additionally, the lacks the built-in water eject mechanism that is included on the Apple Watch. So, if you’re seeking for a way to get the water out of your ‘s speaker grills, I found this clever Siri shortcut that uses very low-frequency sound to push the water out of the speaker.

How to Eject Water From Your (2022)

This helpful Siri shortcut, dubbed Water Eject, has been a smartphone lifesaver for me over the last several days. Here’s how to utilise it.

Note: The water expulsion Siri shortcut is still functional with iOS 15. Therefore, you can utilise it on your brand-new 13 or any other iOS 15 compatible phone.

  • Tap this link using your to open up the Water Eject Siri shortcut.
  • Once it opens on the Shortcuts app, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.
  • Here you will find the button to add the shortcut.

You must enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts from your device’s settings in order to use this untrusted shortcut.

  • After adding the shortcut to your shortcut library, tap it to initiate water removal on your device.
  • From the drop-down options, select Begin water ejection and then wait for it to complete the process. It uses low-frequency sound to push water out of your .
  • Upon completion, the Siri shortcut turns down the volume of the device to fifty percent and delivers a completion-notification to the user.

As it is now a Siri shortcut, you can add it to your home screen for easier access. Or then, you may just ask Siri to activate Water Eject, which will automatically remove water from your . Additionally, the aforementioned tool functions with iPads and iPods running the most recent software in addition to all models that allow Siri shortcuts.

Although most current s are IP classed (IP68) and may withstand briefly submerging in water or being in the shower, we do not advise doing so.

Easily Eject Water Stuck in with

So there you have it, an easy way to remove water from your . It can be very frustrating to have water droplets lodged in the speaker grilles of your . Additionally, they might damage your . Although Apple’s lack of a built-in feature to accomplish this on the is unexpected, it’s excellent to have a Siri Shortcut that can handle the issue. However, if the shortcut isn’t working for you, there are a number of other methods to remove water from iPhone that you can try as well. These methods include using apps to remove water from and some online tools to remove water from your . For more information, see the article that is linked.