How to Enable and Customize NVIDIA Whisper Mode

Since most gaming laptops have powerful technology inside and need to run their fans at full speed to maintain cool temperatures, noise levels have always been an issue. When a person spends thousands of dollars on a gaming laptop only to discover that it practically sounds like a jet engine, it usually detracts from their entire gaming experience. NVIDIA hopes to solve this problem with a new feature called Whisper Mode, which was first introduced at Computex 2017 in June. You can fully utilise this feature if your laptop is equipped with a GeForce GTX-10 series-based graphics card (GTX 1060 or higher). So let’s talk about what Whisper Mode actually accomplishes before we show you how to activate it:

What is NVIDIA Whisper Mode?

Whisper Mode is a brand-new, extremely effective gaming mode that significantly reduces the noise generated by your plugged-in laptop while you play. This new functionality from NVIDIA is available on all gaming laptops with GeForce GTX 1060 graphics cards or higher. In order to maximise power efficiency, the graphics settings are also intelligently configured to limit the frame rate of a given game. Assume you have a strong GPU that can run a game at a frame rate much above 60. Whisper Mode limits the game’s frame rate to 60 fps, which prevents the GPU from being fully exploited. As a result, the fans don’t run as quickly as they once did. This in turn greatly contributes to lowering your gaming laptop’s total noise level.

Enable Whisper Mode in NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Whisper Mode can be enabled or disabled using the GeForce Experience software, which is available for download from the official GeForce website. Make sure you have the most recent graphics driver installed after installing the app, as Whisper Mode requires GeForce 384.76 driver or later. Once you’re finished, just complete the steps listed below to quickly enable Whisper Mode:

  • Click on the gear icon located in the top menu, in order to go to Settings .
  • Now, go to Games section and you ll notice the Whisper Mode option located on the right pane of the window. Click on the slider to enable this feature.

Customize Whisper Mode Using NVIDIA Control Panel

Even though Whisper Mode is activated, you may still further alter the functionality by limiting the FPS for each game separately. So, to quickly change this, just adhere to the procedures below:

  • Right-click on your desktop and click on NVIDIA Control Panel to open it up. Once you re in, click on Manage 3D settings and go to the Program Settings section.
  • Here, you ll be able to choose any one of your favorite games from the dropdown. Once you re done, scroll down to the very option to see the Whisper Mode option. Now, click on the dropdown to bring up the frame rate restriction slider. If noise-level is your top priority, reduce the maximum frame rate by moving the slider to the left, and if performance is your top priority, increase it by moving the slider to the right.

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Use NVIDIA Whisper Mode For A Quieter Gaming Experience

Whisper Mode eliminates the concern that your laptop will sound like a jet engine while you’re playing your favourite games. Whisper Mode will intelligently limit the frame rate based on your hardware to maintain the ideal balance between GPU utilisation and noise levels. When playing intensive games like Witcher 3, Whisper Mode by default caps the frame rate at 40 fps. However, 60 frames per second is the maximum speed for games like Battlefield 1, Overwatch, etc. If you don’t like NVIDIA’s default settings, you can change the frame rate cap by using the NVIDIA Control Panel. What do you think of this new feature, guys? Are you going to give it a shot to see whether it genuinely lowers your gaming laptop’s overall noise level? Please share your insightful thoughts in the comments box below to let us know.