How to Enable Dashboard Features in macOS Catalina

Apple kept the Dashboard functionality alive for a very long time before finally killing it off in macOS Catalina. Some Mac users continued to use Dashboard every day even though it has devolved over time into a shell of what it once was. There are a number of third-party apps that you can utilise to acquire the same benefits even though we are unable to enable the Dashboard in macOS Catalina. In this post, we’ll outline the top macOS Dashboard substitutes you may use to fill the gap left by Apple’s decision to discontinue the app.

Enable Dashboard Features in macOS Catalina

I worked for days to discover how to make Dashboard features available in macOS Catalina. But regrettably, that is not possible. There isn’t a secret setting, hack, or feature that will let you do it. Thankfully, you can enable the majority of Dashboard Features in Catalina using third-party apps. To view the list of apps referenced in this list, click on the table of contents below. With that said, shall we move on to our list?

1. Widgets

The Widgets programme is the most suitable substitute for the macOS Dashboard that I could discover. This software has a lot of features that I appreciate. The fact that it has the most widgets of any app I tested is the first and foremost benefit. You can get widgets for the audio player, calendar, calculator, clock, contacts, counter, dictionary, and weather with this app, among many other things.

Therefore, it almost entirely replaces the widgets that you lose when the Mac Dashboard is removed. The unit-converter widget was one of my favourite Dashboard widgets, and happily, the Widgets app includes that widget as well.

I was very impressed by the incorporation of several topics. Therefore, in addition to the usual black and white themes, widgets are also available in other colours.

The biggest compliment I can likely give to the Widgets app is that it gives you a modernised Dashboard. The only issue I could identify was that the app frequently crashed on me. It’s also exclusive to the US Mac App Store. Try it out if you’re missing the Dashboard in macOS Catalina.

Download for $4.99 on the App Store

2. Use the Today View

While Apple discontinued Dashboard with macOS Catalina, it also launched the Today View area as a sort of replacement for it (access by swiping left to right from the right edge of Mac trackpad). You may add widgets to the Today View because it is identical to the iOS version. The Today View area has the advantage of giving you the ability to display third-party widgets in addition to the stock widgets.

Because they will be able to run iPhone and iPad apps natively, the next macOS Big Sure and ARM Macs will make this functionality even more important. You may now get all those widgets on your Mac thanks to the addition of third-party, customised widgets in iOS 14. But we are not there yet; it will happen in the future.

Speaking about the present situation, you have access to stock widgets for the calendar, notes, global clock, calculator, music currently playing, weather, and stocks. Other than the built-in widgets, third-party apps like Things 3 and OmniFocus also offer their own widgets.

If you’re looking for a certain widget, you may also search for it on the Mac App Store. For instance, I downloaded a unit converter and a world clock widget. So you might want to research it if you don’t want to play with third-party programmes. It will only grow more potent in the future.

3. Infinity Dashboard

For those who need quick access to information, Infinity Dashboard is a great substitute for the macOSDashboard. It gives you access to a clear and uncluttered informational dashboard where you can track anything you desire. It contains more than 35 built-in modules for tracking and keeping tabs on a variety of information, including stock prices, currency rates, social media tickers (such as Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, etc.), Amazon product pricing, and more.

Additionally, Infinity Dashboard allows user-generated modules, enabling you to track other metrics such bitcoin prices, survival rates, and workday duration. Javascript can also be used to develop your modules. It is a live dashboard since the data is automatically updated at a set frequency. Finally, you can share a web app version of your dashboard in addition to the original Mac client.

Download: $9.99 or a free trial

4. iWall-Dynamic Desktop Engine

iWall is more like Rainmeter skins for Windows and less like the Mac Dashboard. For those who don’t know, Rainmeter enables you to create a dynamic desktop background using various themes, wallpapers, and widgets. Rainmeter for Windows allows you to make some nice things (you can click on the linked article above to check them out). Despite its limitations, iWall is adequate to serve as a Dashboard alternative.

Even while it won’t replace every lost widget, having something is still preferable to having nothing. With iWall, you can display time and calendar information, a visual representation of audio playback, dynamic backgrounds with changing colour schemes, and more. The fundamental distinction between the macOS Desktop and iWall is that the latter is more utilitarian while the former is more aesthetically oriented. See for yourself if you like it by checking it out.

Download for $2.99 from the Mac App Store

5. Dashful

If you don’t mind using a web dashboard, Dashful is a lovely alternative. You will need to use a browser to access the app since it does not offer a native Mac application. Despite that shortcoming, it is a really effective dashboard replacement. But there is one condition. These widgets aren’t intended to be interactive like those on the macOS Dashboard. They resemble information widgets more.

As a result, you can utilise it to quickly gather information. The weather, social media (see a live count of Twitch or YouTube subscribers), year progress, countdown timer, image, and more can all be added as widgets. Using iframes and unique APIs, you can also build custom widgets. Once more, this isn’t really a substitute for the macOS Dashboard per se, but it’s still a cool dashboard.

Visit Dashful: $10/month, free

Use These Mac Dashboard Replacements to Get All the Widgets

Only a small portion of Mac users used the Mac Dashboard, making it a feature that was not particularly well-liked. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it was a useful tool that was well-liked by those who utilised it.

So, if the demise of Dashboard in macOS Catalina saddens you, have a look at these alternatives. Please share any useful alternatives you may have discovered in the comments section below so that the entire community may benefit.