How to Enable/ Disable Dark Theme on a Per-Site Basis in Google Chrome

For quite some time, Google Chrome has featured a forced dark mode setting for web pages. You could not, however, choose which websites you wanted to see in a bright or dark theme separately. This has changed since Google Chrome engineers are developing a new feature that will allow you to customise the dark theme for each individual website. In this article, we will discover how to enable or disable Google Chrome’s dark theme for particular websites.

Use Dark Theme on a Per-Site Basis in Chrome for Android (2021)

Before we get started, it’s important to note that Chrome for Android is currently the only browser that offers the option to employ the dark theme on a per-site basis. Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2 was the first to notice it. It is currently being tested by Chrome developers in the most recent Canary build of the browser. The feature ought to be included in Chrome’s stable builds if everything goes as planned. Here’s how to test the Enable/Disable Auto-dark for Site functionality right now after that.

Enable or Disable Dark Theme For Individual Websites in Chrome

1. Go to chrome:/flags and click the Darken websites box in the themes settings. Alternately, you might paste the following URL into Chrome’s address bar:


2. Restart the browser by selecting Enabled from the menu next to the Chrome flag.

3. On Chrome’s theme preferences page, a new checkbox labelled “Darken websites” has been added. Tap the vertical three-dot icon in the top-right corner and select Settings to open Chrome’s settings.

4. Tap Theme from the Settings screen and click the box next to Darken webpages. Dark mode will now be compelled by Chrome on all webpages.

5. Go to the page and select Enable Auto-Dark for Site or Disable Auto-Dark for Site from the three-dot context menu to enable or disable dark mode for that particular website. As shown in the figure below, the button is located underneath the toggle for the desktop site:

6. Setting up a dark theme for certain websites is also possible via Settings -> Site settings -> Auto-darken web content. Here, you may control which websites to follow the dark theme and which to prohibit.

7. Tap on one of the listed websites to enable or disable the forced dark mode for that website by selecting Allow or Block.

8. From this settings page, you can also add site exclusions. To save the modifications, all you need to do is touch on Add Site Exception, paste or write the URL, and then press Add.

9. This Google Chrome comparison shows the Beebom website’s light and dark themes. Even while you shouldn’t anticipate Chrome’s forced dark theme to be flawless like a native implementation, it still performs admirably on the majority of websites.

Pick Websites to Browse in Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Users will be able to use the feature on websites that are compatible with Google Chrome’s dark mode if they have the option to enable or disable the dark theme. We will have to wait to see if this practical function ever makes it to the desktop. You can utilise the greatest Google Chrome tips and tricks in the interim to get the most of the browser.