How to Enable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android?

With the help of the well-known messaging program Messenger, you can communicate with loved ones. You can quickly access and reply to messages while using other Android programs thanks to Messenger’s Chat Heads. We will go over how to make Facebook Messenger Chat Heads available on Android in this blog.

What are Chat Heads?

On your Android device’s screen, Chat Heads appear whenever you get a new message on Facebook Messenger. You can access messages without opening Messenger by utilizing these icons. The Chat Heads are displayed above any other apps you are using while chatting with pals.


Why Enable Chat Heads?

For a number of reasons, you might want to turn on Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on your Android device. First of all, it makes it simple to access your messages without detracting from your current task. If you are doing anything else when you get a message, you can quickly read and respond to it. Additionally, Chat Heads let you stay in touch with your loved ones all day long.

Steps to Enable Chat Heads on Android

On Android, enabling Chat Heads is simple. Follow the instructions below to enable Chat Heads on your Android smartphone.

Step 1: Install Facebook Messenger

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to download and install Facebook Messenger from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open Facebook Messenger

Open Facebook Messenger for Android once you’ve downloaded and installed it. If you haven’t done so before, sign in with your Facebook account.

Step 3: Access Messenger Settings

Tap the hamburger menu icon in the Messenger app. Next, tap the icon for Messenger settings. Click the Bubbles option in the Preference section by scrolling down.

Step 4: Enable Chat Heads

You can now choose from three options: Nothing can bubble, Selected talks can bubble, or All discussions can bubble.


Step 7: Start Using Chat Heads

Once Chat Heads are enabled, you may use them to manage and reply to messages while using other Android apps. Your screen will display a Chat Head as soon as you get a new message. Tap the chat head to open and reply to a message.

Tips for Using Chat Heads

A few pointers can help you make the most of Chat Heads now that you have enabled it on your Android smartphone.

1. Move the chat heads

If you wish to move your Chat Heads about the screen, simply drag them with your mouse. If your Chat Head is interfering with crucial information on your screen, you can utilize this.

Tip 2: Avoid chatting with strangers.

Swipe a Chat Head to the bottom of the screen to dismiss it quickly. You can do this to get rid of the Chat Head without ending the conversation.

Step 3: Disable chat heads

If you find them to be too distracting, you can easily turn them off by choosing the Nothing Can Bubble option by following the instructions in this page.

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