How to Enable or Disable Developer Mode on Discord

Discord features a developer mode, did you know that? Yes, it is what you read. You may access extra features including server, channel, and message channel IDs via Discord’s developer mode. Use the instructions below to enable developer mode on Discord whether you are a bot creator or just curious to see what the feature is all about.

Discord Developer Mode: Explained (2022)

What is Developer Mode on Discord?

Discord includes a developer mode that enables access to extra chat app functionality for developers. A new option in the context menu that makes it simple to copy the IDs of servers, channels, server users, and even messages is unlocked by the mode, which is geared toward bot developers. When you are setting up your Discord bot, these IDs are useful. For developers who wish to incorporate their service into the robust presence that appears as activity status, developer mode is particularly crucial.

Enable Discord Developer Mode (Desktop, Web)

1. Launch the Discord app and click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to access the settings menu.

2. On Discord’s settings page, click on Advanced in the left sidebar.

3. Next, activate the developer mode toggle to allow Discord users to copy IDs in developer mode. You now have access to all of the popular chat app’s developer-focused features.

4. To test out purchases of SKUs linked to your application, you may also enter Application Test Mode. It’s important to note that, as of March 2022, Discord will no longer allow businesses to set up retail channels on its servers.

5. You can enter your application ID to start your application in test mode. As previously noted, it is anticipated that this feature will be withdrawn soon.

6. You can copy the IDs of servers, members, channels, and messages after enabling developer mode. As seen in the figure below, you can right-click a channel or message and select Copy ID.

Turn on Discord Developer Mode (Android, iOS)

1. From the bottom navigation bar of the Discord app on your phone, select the profile symbol. Now, select Behavior from the list of app settings, and then turn on the Developer Mode switch on the following page. The end of that. Your Discord mobile app’s developer mode is now activated.

2. You may now view the IDs of channels and messages after enabling developer mode. You only need to long-press a Discord channel’s name and select Copy ID from the pop-up menu to see its ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In Discord Mobile, how do I enable developer mode?

In the Discord mobile app, navigate to User Settings -> Behavior -> Developer mode to activate it. In fact, we went into great length in this blog about how to activate Discord developer mode.

Q: How do I locate my User, Server, or Message ID?

IDs can be located in Discord’s developer mode. Right-click a user, server, or message and select Copy ID from the context menu after enabling developer mode.

Why does Discord’s developer mode not appear?

Developer mode was once available in Discord’s appearance settings. The option is now located on a separate Advanced tab that is accessed from the left sidebar, according to the business.

Access More Features with Discord Developer Mode

We have now completed our tutorial on how to activate developer mode on Discord. It is a practical innovation that enables game creators to build bots and include rich presence support in their works. Check out our tutorial on building a Node.js Discord bot if you’re interested in building one yourself. We have separate instructions on how to create a read-only Discord channel as well as receive an invisible Discord name and avatar.