How to Enable or Disable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft introduced Edge’s Performance mode in April of this year in an effort to improve browser performance while conserving energy and hardware resources. Since then, the Redmond behemoth has changed the feature’s name to Efficiency mode in recent upgrades. The new Efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge can be activated in the following ways if you wish to speed up your Windows PC when you’re browsing the web.

Use Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge (2021)

In Edge’s Canary channel, Microsoft is presently testing the Efficiency mode. As a result, you might not notice the feature right away in the stable version of the browser. On a laptop running Windows 11, I’ve used Edge Canary version 93.0.939.0 for this demonstration. Now that that is out of the way, here is how to activate and utilise Edge’s Efficiency Mode (formerly Performance Mode).

What is Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge?

A new function in Edge called efficiency mode aids in performance enhancement. By lessening the demand on CPU and memory resources, the browser minimises power consumption to increase battery life. When using efficiency mode, Microsoft advises that video playback may be less fluid and that animations may lag.

Additionally, if you have enabled sleeping tabs in Edge, Microsoft will put active tabs to sleep automatically after 5 minutes while efficiency mode is enabled. Notably, when Edge is not in Efficiency mode, it will obey the prior sleeping tabs trigger time.

Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

1. Launch Edge and click on the horizontal menu with three dots in the top right corner to go to the Settings page.

2. Then, from the left sidebar, select the System and performance tab. To activate the option, turn on the Efficiency mode toggle under the Optimize Performance section.

Customize Efficiency Mode in Edge

The Efficiency mode can be configured to start when you want it to. There are three choices available to you. Edge enables you to keep efficiency mode active even when your PC is disconnected or when the battery on your machine is low.

Click on the dropdown menu next to the toggle to alter the efficiency mode triggers, then select the option that best fits your use case.

Now it could feel tedious to open the Settings every time you want to change the Efficiency mode. Microsoft has therefore already provided a fix for it. For access to the Efficiency mode options, you can add a new Performance Tab to the toolbar. This is how to accomplish it:

Firstly, select Settings > Appearance. Toggle the Show performance button on by scrolling down and finding it.

2. A new heartbeat icon will now be visible in the toolbar. To easily adjust the Efficiency mode parameters, click the Performance button.

Disable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

You can choose to disengage Efficiency Mode at any time if you tested it and found it to be too severe for your workflow. The steps are as follows:

Open Settings in Edge by selecting it from the top right horizontal menu of three dots to turn off the efficiency mode. After that, turn off the toggle by going to System and performance -> Efficiency mode.

Try Efficiency Mode to Improve Performance in Edge

Therefore, that is how you may use Edge’s Efficiency mode to enhance the browser’s speed on Windows 10 or Windows 11. For even more efficiency enhancements, you should also read our post on how to use sleeping tabs in Microsoft Edge. Check out our article on the top Microsoft Edge tips and tricks for more advice like this.