How to Enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android

Thanks to Chrome, Android has made significant progress in terms of surfing capabilities, but the reading experience on some resource-intensive websites is still a problem. Reading may become difficult due to the numerous interruptions on a page that is highly laden with advertising and other unpleasant features. Although there are applications like Pocket, Instapaper, etc. that allow you to read articles from the web without distractions, what if you want to read an item right now on Chrome? Well, Chrome’s Reader mode is useful in this situation.

If you’ve ever used the Microsoft Edge browser, you’re probably already familiar with Reader mode, which leaves only the text and graphics on a page, making it much cleaner and simpler to read. Thankfully, Chrome on Android has a Reader Mode as well, but Google hasn’t made it available to everyone yet. There is a technique to make it possible, though.

Here is how to activate Reader Mode in Chrome on Android without further ado:

1. Launch Chrome on your Android smartphone or tablet, enter chrome:/flags in the URL box, and then press the enter key. The page for Chrome Flags will load.

If you’re unaware, Chrome Flags are a collection of unreleased features and settings hidden inside Chrome for programmers and experimenters. If you want to learn more, you can read our in-depth guide to Chrome Flags.

2. Tap Find in page after clicking the three dots in the top right corner. You can find the option Reader Mode Triggering Set to Default by searching for Reader mode.

3. Select Appear to be an article to enable Chrome to recognise articles or change it to Always to force the Reader mode on all webpages. We will advise you to use the Always option because, in contrast to the other alternatives, it always finds articles for us. Once you’ve saved your changes, click the Relaunch Now option at the bottom to restart Chrome.

4. When enabled, a button labelled “Make page mobile-friendly” will appear at the bottom of the website. To open the page in Reader mode or a mobile-friendly view, simply tap the button.

Chrome for Android lets you open links without leaving an app

Now read articles on your Android smartphone without any distraction with Chrome

You would probably agree that it’s fairly easy to activate Reader mode on Chrome, so you shouldn’t have any trouble doing so. It’s also crucial to note that, despite being an experimental feature, it largely functioned brilliantly for us. What are you still holding out for? On your Android smartphone, launch Chrome and switch on Reader mode to begin reading without interruptions. If you run into any problems or require assistance, please let us know in the comments area below.