How to Enable Secure Boot on Windows 11

Microsoft has added two essential conditions for Windows 11TPMand Secure Boot. Both of these capabilities, according to the manufacturer, can greatly enhance security and privacy on Windows 11. You can prevent many malware assaults on Windows 11, especially with Secure Boot enabled. Additionally, it stops illegitimate drivers and applications from loading during startup. So, use the instructions below to enable secure boot on Windows 11. The instructions can be used with both BIOS and UEFI interfaces.

Enable Secure Boot on Windows 11 (2022)

1. You must access the BIOS or UEFI on your computer to enable safe boot on Windows 11. You can boot into your BIOS or UEFI menu by simply following the tutorial in our linked article.

2. The Secure Boot option can be found here by going to Security, System Configuration, or Boot, depending on how your manufacturer has organised the settings. To enable it, hit the Enter key. You must first set the administrator password if it is greyed out.

3. Head to Security and enter your Administrator password. Make sure to either write down or remember this password. You will now require this password in order to boot into BIOS. The Administrator password may also be referred to as the Supervisor password on some Windows 11 systems.

4. At this point, you can enable Secure Boot by selecting the appropriate menu option and turning it on. To save and leave, press F10 and then hit Enter.

5. When Windows 11 boots up, press the Windows key once to see if Secure Boot has been activated or not. Select System Information from the search results after typing system.

6. Look for Secure Boot State under the System Summary tab here; it should say On. You’ve successfully made Windows 11’s Secure boot available.

Protect Windows 11 from Malicious Attacks by Enabling Secure Boot

So that’s how Windows 11 users may enable secure boot. Keep secure boot enabled if you’re serious about safeguarding your computer against altered bootloaders and unauthorised ROMs. Additionally, turn on TPM in Windows 11 if you want to enable the other important security setting on your computer. It will protect all of your computer’s login information, further protecting your privacy on Windows 11. Finally, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.