How to Enable Surround Sound on Logitech Gaming Headsets

Gamers all over the world are quickly becoming obsessed with surround sound headsets. To fulfil the demand, a number of reputable manufacturers, like Razer, Logitech, and Steelseries, have been pumping out a tonne of surround sound headsets. These headsets are designed for gamers that want directional audio when playing their favourite games, which is essential for letting players locate every opponent and gain an advantage over them so they can shoot before they can blink. The majority of these headsets on the market today employ software to visualise surround sound. You’re in luck if you recently bought a Logitech surround sound gaming headset because we’ll show you how to activate and correctly set up the function on your new headset. Let’s look at how to turn on surround sound on Logitech gaming headphones now without further ado:

Enable Surround Sound on Logitech Gaming Headsets Using Logitech Gaming Software

The company’s Logitech Gaming software is used by all of the company’s currently offered gaming headsets to provide surround sound. You won’t be able to get your headset’s surround sound capability to function if you don’t have this software or if you’re using an operating system that doesn’t support it. So, to do this task quickly, just adhere to the steps listed below:

Note:The steps below will not function with a Logitech headset that does not support surround sound. Using the Logitech Gaming app on Windows 10, I turned on and tested the surround sound capability on my Logitech G933 wireless surround sound gaming headset. So, provided your operating system and headset are compatible, you should be able to make this work.

  • First of all, you need to download and install the Logitech Gaming software from the company s support website. The software is available for both Windows and Mac devices, so if you re running an unsupported operating system like Linux, you re out of luck.
  • Once you open up the software, navigate to the headset section, by clicking on the arrow icon located at the bottom of the window.
  • Now, go to the surround sound section by clicking on the 7.1 icon located at the bottom of the window. Once done, click on the power icon located right next to surround sound, in order to enable the feature.
  • Now, if you have a Logitech G430, G633 or G933 surround sound headset, you ll be able to toggle between Dolby 7.1 Surround sound and DTS Headphone X profiles. However, if you have a relatively newer headset like the G433 or G533, you wont be able to switch as it just supports the DTS Headphone X profile. Additionally, for the DTS profile, you ll be able to switch between Super Stereo Front and Wide modes.
  • Once done, you might want to check if the surround sound feature is working properly. In order to do this, simply click on Experience surround sound to listen to a directional audio clip and make sure that all your virtual surround sound channels are working properly. Here, you ll also be able to individually adjust the volume of each of these surround channels as per your preferences.
  • The Logitech Gaming software packs multiple surround sound profiles for many popular games out there. In order to check if any profile is available for any of your games, just go to the Profiles section by clicking on the key icon located at the bottom of the window. Now, under Profiles section, you ll notice a scan icon right below the search bar. Click on that, and wait for the software to scan & download the latest available game profiles. All the profiles for the supported games will now show up in the Profiles section.
  • Once done, go back to the surround sound section in the software and check the box for Enable per profile surround sound . Now, a list of profiles for all the supported games will show up. Simply click on the game that you prefer to enable the surround profile for that game.

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Use Logitech Surround Sound Headset to Your Advantage

In any case, utilise directional audio to your advantage now that you’ve successfully enabled and correctly setup your Logitech gaming headset because you’ll have the advantage over your opponents thanks to the availability of virtual surround channels and the ability to precisely pinpoint the foes. Setting up surround sound profiles for each game separately is no longer a hassle thanks to Logitech gaming software. What do you think of the surround sound profiles and features that Logitech offers, then? Please share your insightful thoughts in the comments box below to let us know.