How to Enable the New Chrome OS Launcher on Your Chromebook

To commemorate Chrome OS’s 100th update in March 2022, Google added a tonne of brand-new features to Chromebooks. Among these, the new Chrome OS launcher garnered attention for its faster and cleaner user interface. Despite this, many users who updated to Chrome OS 100 (or later releases in May) did not automatically receive the Chrome OS launcher update. The new left-aligned productivity launcher is still concealed behind a Chrome flag, suggesting that Google is still testing it. Therefore, if you want to discover how to instal the new Chrome OS launcher on your Chromebook, go to the simple instructions below.

Enable New Chrome OS Launcher on Chromebook (2022)

Make sure to update to the most recent Chrome OS version before enabling the new Chrome OS launcher on your Chromebook (update 101 released on May 11th). You may access the new productivity launcher on Chromebooks running Chrome OS 100 or later. The app launcher can be obtained without switching to the Dev or Beta channels or, for that matter, Chrome OS Developer mode. The stable build includes it. Having said that, here is how you can get the new Chrome OS launcher right away:

1. To enable the new Chrome OS launcher, you must first enter the Chrome Flags page. Copy the address listed below, paste it into Chrome’s search bar, then press Enter.


2. The Chrome Flags page will then be displayed. When you arrive, look for launcher. The Productivity experiment: App Launcher flag can be found in the search results. If you’re having problems finding the flag, copy the address below and paste it into Chrome to go straight to the launcher flag.


3. Select Enabled from the drop-down option next to the App Launcher flag. Along with apps, the new Chrome OS launcher will now display recently accessed files in Google Drive, locally recent files, and your most recent Google Docs edits. Select Enabled without Continuing if you do not want these suggestions to appear in your launcher.

4. In the bottom-right corner, select Restart. Your Chromebook will soft-reboot as a result.

5. Your Chromebook will restart with the new Chrome OS launcher live! Enjoy the new productivity launcher right away.

The new launcher is by default left-aligned, as opposed to the stretched-out centred launcher that took up the full screen. The normal Google search and Assistant are at the top, and underneath are now your most recent files and app icons. In this build, you may sort the programmes according to their names and icon colours (quirky, but okay).

6. In addition to turning on the new Chromebook launcher, I advise turning on a few other Chrome OS flags to improve the experience with the new launcher. For instance, the new launcher will start recommending cloud game search results too after setting the below game search flag.


7. In Chrome OS, enable the Reorder appsflag. You may then drag the apps into the new launcher and rearrange them however you like. This was one of the major drawbacks of the previous bloated launcher, so it’s wonderful that Google now provides an opportunity to reorganise apps using a Chrome setting.


Enable the Play Store Searchflag lastly. If an app is not already installed on your device when you search for it in the launcher, the new launcher will retrieve results from the Play Store. The app can then be instantly installed. Really cool, no?


Chrome OS Launcher: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The new Chrome OS Launcher: What is it?

Google has published a new left-aligned launcher for Chromebooks in honour of the 100th Chrome OS update (earlier it was centred and stretched out). While offering Chrome OS customers far faster speed and better customization options, it resembles the Windows 10 Start Menu in appearance. For games and apps, the productivity launcher now offers cloud search.

The New Chrome OS Launcher: Where Can I Get It?

You must have Chrome OS 100 (or higher) and have thechrome enabled.


How can I get rid of the Continue Section in the Chrome OS Launcher?

Turn On Productivity Launcher on Your Chromebook

Select Enabled without Continuing under Chrome:/flags#productivity-launcher. Restart your Chromebook now, and the Continue part of the new Chrome OS launcher won’t be present.