How to Factory Reset Chromebook (Four Methods Explained)

Because Chrome OS is so lightweight, it does not deteriorate over time as Windows does. A factory reset, however, can substantially speed up your Chromebook if you have been working on it for years. Additionally, if someone has created an account on your Chromebook without your consent, you can factory reset the device to entirely delete the account. As a result, we present four different methods for factory resetting Chromebooks in this article for 2021. On that topic, let’s uncover the best approach to restore the factory default settings on a Chromebook.

Please take note that all of the reset techniques listed below will delete your local data and directories. So be sure to backup all of your files and directories before continuing.

Factory Reset Chromebook in 2021

using a factory reset

The Simplest Way to Factory Reset Chromebook

We have listed every technique for you to review, from powerwashing and hard resetting your Chromebook without a password. You can click the link below to navigate to the appropriate section based on your needs.

1. Open Settings by clicking the notification centre in the bottom right corner (the cogwheel icon).

2. Click on Advanced in the left pane to reveal the Reset Settings menu at the bottom.

Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password

3. Under the Powerwash menu, you may locate the Reset option here. Follow the instructions on the screen after clicking it. Your Chromebook will automatically do a factory reset in a matter of minutes, leaving you with a tidy, clutter-free device. Before you start the reset process, make sure the battery is at least 60%.

1. Use this Chrome OS keyboard shortcut to reset your Chromebook’s password if you’ve lost it. Restart your device, then simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and R on the login screen.

Hard Reset Chromebook Using Recovery Mode

2. Immediately after, a Reset window will appear.

Select Reset after selecting Powerwash. Your Chromebook’s factory reset procedure will begin without a password.

When your Chromebook freezes or refuses to boot at all, a hard reset may be necessary. In addition, you can hard reset your Chromebook using this approach if the procedures mentioned above didn’t work.

A hard reset returns your Chromebook’s software and hardware configurations to their factory default settings, in contrast to a standard powerwash. It facilitates the reset option by utilising the Chromebook Recovery Mode. Now that that has been said, here is how you can proceed.

1. Turn off your Chromebook entirely to start. Then, simultaneously hit and hold the physical Power button and the Refresh key (typically above 4). If your Chromebook is having trouble starting up, plug it in and then simultaneously press the aforementioned key combination.

Note:Press Esc along with the other two keys if there is no screen displayed.

2. Release all the keys once the Chromebook’s screen displays a missing or damaged Chrome OS. To get the Chrome Recovery Screen, press Ctrl and D. After that, successfully hard reset the Chromebook by following the on-screen directions.

Reset a School Chromebook to Factory Settings

3.Press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons on any Chrome OS-powered tablets for at least 10 seconds. Follow the on-screen directions to hard reset your iPad after that. It is pretty similar to how Android smartphones perform a hard reset.

4. A dedicated reset key that can be used to perform a hard reset is included with some older Chromebooks. Google has compiled a list of Chrome-OS-based devices along with details on their hardware and reset key. In order to get the particular instructions, click on the linked article. Citation:

Reset Your Chromebook the Right Way

Unfortunately, you can’t reset a Chromebook that your school has provided for you on your own. You are unable to access reset and other advanced settings since the Chromebook has been enrolled under an administrator.

In the unlikely event that you are able to reset a school Chromebook, it will still be registered under the designated administrator. You will need to ask your admin to remove the Chromebook from the school dashboard in order to fully enjoy all the privileges.