How to Find a Village in Minecraft

For all players, the villages in Minecraft offer a safe sanctuary. You can purchase stuff, pets, food, shelter, and Minecraft villagers that do various duties. After that, you can trade with locals to obtain some of the best gaming stuff. But you can only do that if you understand how to locate a village in Minecraft. No matter the variation, communities in Minecraft occasionally can be difficult to locate. However, we are here to make your search for a community lot simpler. Using our guide, you can locate villages in both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. Not to mention, our techniques are fully compatible with the most recent Minecraft 1.18 release. You are losing out on some of Minecraft’s most beautiful settlements if you haven’t updated yet. So without further ado, let’s get to work on figuring out how to quickly locate a village in Minecraft.

Four Ways to Find a Village in Minecraft (2022)

In the game, there are several ways to locate villages. To learn more about the method that most interests you, utilise the table below. They are all trustworthy and practical in their own particular ways.

Find Villages Using Custom Seeds in Minecraft

A random integer known as a seed is used to create each Minecraft world. You can choose one seed and use it to repeatedly construct the same environment. However, depending on your game’s version and edition, the world generation may change. Fortunately, there are many seeds on the internet that spawn you into villages and are based around villages.

Additionally, you can spawn in villages in Minecraft 1.17 or previous versions using our list of the best village seeds. Refer to our list of the finest Minecraft 1.18 seeds if you have updated your game instead. You just need to use the seed you’ve chosen to make your own Minecraft world after finding it.

How to Use Custom Seeds in Minecraft

To utilise custom village seeds in Minecraft, simply follow these instructions. Just be sure to check the game version and seed code twice first.

Open Minecraft and select the Create New World option to start building a new world. On all devices, this option may be found on the standard world selection screen.

2. Next, in the bottom right corner of the screen, select More World Options.

3. In the textbox at the top of your screen, input or paste the seed code. Click Create New World after that.

You will arrive in a settlement right away in the world created with one of the seeds from the list above. That is, if you correctly typed the seed code in a game version that is compatible.

Find Minecraft Villages Using Seed Analysis Tool

Finding a new seed might not be the best option for you if you already have an established Minecraft world. To locate settlements in your current Minecraft worlds, you can utilise one of the various online seed analyzers. You must first locate the world’s seed code, though.

You can do this by using the /seed command in the chatbox. The seed code can also be found by looking in your world settings.

How to Analyze a Seed Online

In this lesson, we are use a seed analyzer from Chunkbase. To get started, write down the seed code for your world and click this link to launch the seed analyzer. then take the actions listed below:

1. On Chunkbase, choose your game version using the appropriate choices after entering the seed code. Villagers only spawn in the overworld dimension of Minecraft, so you can leave the dimension set to that.

2. You must scroll down to locate a map of that seed after entering the seed code. You may toggle on and off a number of map features and indicators just above the map. Ensure that the village indication is on. It is denoted by the visage of a villager.

The precise locations of that town and its biome can be found by clicking on the villager symbol. You may also see your spawn position, which is represented by a compass, in addition to that. There is no other way to locate every settlement in a Minecraft environment.

Find Minecraft Villages Using In-Game Command

The makers of Minecraft are aware of the time and effort required to locate specific in-game places. For this reason, every version of the game has a command that makes it simple to find locations, including communities. However, you must first switch on cheats in your Minecraft environment.

In Minecraft Java Edition’s LAN settings, cheats can be enabled. Users of Bedrock can enable them using in-world settings in the interim. On the pause screen, both are accessible. Use the strategies listed below to locate a settlement in Minecraft once the cheats are enabled.

1. Go to your Minecraft environment and select the chat option. For mobile editions, it can be accessed from the top of the screen, and for console editions, there is a special button for it. PC users must press the key or key to open it in the meanwhile. Type/locate village and hit Enter after the chat window has opened.

2. Next, Minecraft will search for the neighbourhood village and show its coordinates. You can now teleport there with the/tp X Y Zcommand or you can walk to those coordinates. These are the village’s coordinates: X, Y, and Z. Make sure to keep the Y value above 100 if you are using the Minecraft 1.18 update.

Organically Locate Villages in Minecraft

The typical method of discovering settlements in Minecraft is to explore your environment. Without a doubt, it’s also the actual method that Minecraft intends for you to use to locate the settlements in the game. However, you can utilise the following advice to streamline your search rather than simply wandering around.

  • Only a few Minecraft biomes can spawn villages in them. So, you should only look for desert, taiga, plains, meadow, savanna, snowy plains, and taiga biomes. Additionally, you can also find villages in Snowy Taiga and Sunflower Plains biome in the Bedrock edition.
  • While looking for villages, make sure you have enough food and weapons to help you survive and fight off mobs.
  • You can climb mountains and trees to find villages much more easily. Just make sure your rendering distance is high enough in the video settings.
  • If you travel during the night, torches in villages are easy to see from a distance. You can use the best Minecraft shaders for more accurate and easier to locate light sources in the game.
  • Once you find a village, make sure to sleep in your or a villager s bed there. It will reset your spawn point to that village. So, even if you die, you won t have to look for the village again.

Tips and Tricks to Find a Village in Minecraft

You are now prepared to search for villages in Minecraft 1.18 and later. In the realm of Minecraft, finding villages is a timeless task. Future iterations of the game will also support the use of these techniques. It can be an issue, though, if there aren’t enough villagers in a village or if the other alternate villages are too far apart. The only way to deal with such situations is to breed Minecraft villagers to gain new trading opportunities and rewards. As an alternative, you can also restore a lost villager by curing a zombie.

Not to mention, you can always download the greatest Minecraft modpacks to completely redesign your villages. Having said that, don’t forget to provide any more techniques for locating communities in the comments area. We’ll make sure to test them and share the results with you, our readers. Keep exploring until then!