How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

It’s not surprising that Minecraft is frequently referred to as an exploration game. Everybody starts off in a different environment and progresses through both the greatest and worst parts of the game. Some people stumble upon incredible treasure, while others enter the perilous dripstone caves. The buried treasure, on the other hand, elevates both exploration and plundering to a new level. That is, provided you are aware of how to locate a hidden treasure in Minecraft. This side mission in Minecraft gives a treasure map, sunken ships, and unusual loot, much like pirating in the open sea with a boat.

In actuality, buried treasures are the only way to locate the sea’s centre, which can be used to acquire superhuman abilities. The treasure also functions the same in both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, unlike most other items. Before beginning this side quest, you must first learn how to build a boat in Minecraft. With that said, we will explain every step of the process of finding hidden treasure in Minecraft, from a shipwreck to the actual treasure.

Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft (2022)

We need to locate the map that points to the wealth before we may plunder it. Prior to that, we must concentrate on finding a shipwreck. But don’t worry; we’ll go over each step in depth so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Some processes could take longer than usual in Minecraft worlds because of their uniqueness. However, you will still be fully knowledgeable about using and finding buried treasure maps in Minecraft.

What is a Buried Treasure?

In Minecraft, buried treasure is a loot chest filled with numerous uncommon goods. It has a variety of objects that can help you live in the game, like food items, tools, and minerals. You will require this chest if you want to build a conduit in Minecraft. It is the only place where the Sea’s Heart may be found. It will grant you powers akin to those of a Minecraft beacon, but with an emphasis on aquatic enemies.

Where to Look for a Buried Treasure Map?

A hidden treasure is typically discovered on the seafloor or beneath a beach. But to find it, you’ll need a map of a hidden treasure. The map is only present in two uncommon places. The undersea ruin, which has a less than 50% chance of having the map, is the first one. The shipwrecks, which occasionally include a map chest, make up the second site. A map chest with a hidden treasure map will undoubtedly be present. We will concentrate on the shipwrecks rather than the underwater ruins for our lesson because of the increased spawn rate of map treasures.

Find a Shipwreck

Shipwrecks are damaged ship-like objects that spawn in the overworld, as implied by the name. Shipwrecks are much less frequently created buildings than communities. They can be found sitting on beaches, drifting on the water, and under the ocean. Therefore, you must explore oceanic Minecraft biomes until you come across a shipwreck. The best bet is to look underwater because that is where you will typically locate it. The shipwreck will resemble the screenshot seen below if it is submerged. Without (L) and with (R) night vision, underwater shipwreck

Yes, some aquatic biomes in Minecraft might make it difficult for you to see, therefore a great solution for finding these underwater constructions is to use the Potion of Night Vision. The shipwreck is totally composed of wood as a framework. It can contain decks, masts, cabins, and even trap doors, much like a real ship. However, a complete ship won’t usually be found as a shipwreck. The majority of them are missing one or more random components, including their front or rear. As was already noted, discovering a shipwreck in any condition is a great find. However, you must also hope that it is carrying a map to a hidden treasure.

Find a Map Chest

A shipwreck in the world of Minecraft can only contain three chests. Only one of them, though, will contain a map chest. The lowest portion of the shipwrecks is where you’ll find the map chests. In order to get to the chest, you will need to break some of the shipwreck. You can still return home with incredible stuff from a supply or treasure chest even if you don’t find a map chest in your shipwreck. Without opening it, there is no definitive way to recognise a map chest, however for the majority of shipwrecks, it is often in the following location:

Top View of a Map Chest in a Shipwreck

You should search the map chest you uncover for a Buried Treasure Map. It is in every map chest in every game edition. Other than that, it frequently contains books, paper, and feathers. Rarely, the chests will also contain a clock, compass, or normal map. You can escape the shipwreck and begin the quest after placing the hidden treasure map in your inventory.

Understand The Map To Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

When you have the buried treasure map, make sure to put it on the bottom line of your active inventory. This will make it easy to see and reach during the entire game. Once your player has equipped it, scroll to it. Then you can examine it. It will resemble maps that you have previously used in video games.

The top of the map represents North and the bottom represents South in terms of directions. The right side is East, and the left side is West. On the map, there will be a white circle that represents where you are right now. Finally, the location of the hidden wealth is indicated by the red cross or theX on the map. You must first comprehend the instructions and your place in the Minecraft universe in order to make it function.

How To Use Buried Treasure Map

You may determine your location by looking at the area where you are on a map. On the map below, you can see that I am currently in the southwest. That is the other side of the X mark. I must therefore proceed northeast to reach the target.

2. We must next determine which way our player is facing. You can rapidly press the F3 key on the Java edition of Minecraft to display the information panel. You can see the way your player is facing on the left.

You will have to manually experiment with travelling into random directions or utilise the sunrise/sunset to identify the correct movement if you are playing the Bedrock edition. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West even in Minecraft.

3. The next step is to walk in the right direction after you are aware of which way you are facing in your Minecraft environment. The hidden treasure in my instance is located in the north-east direction. As a result, once I am close to the target, I will first proceed north and then east. After some distance, if you proceed in the right direction, your map ought to resemble the one below. Additionally, if you get close enough, you can see the planet beginning to take shape on the map.

4. Next, it’s time to move in the direction of the X when you’ve finished moving in one way and reaching a parallel line with it. You must now proceed in the following direction, ideally in the direction of the X. It is the East in my situation. You will start to notice your player indication moving toward the centre of the map if it has been near the edge up until this point. Continue going until you are directly on top of the X from all sides. Your player indicator should be totally covered by the X.

Dig and Loot the Buried Treasure Chest

Now, if you’re fortunate, you’ll discover the hidden treasure directly beneath the X symbol on the map.

However, to uncover the hidden wealth in Minecraft, the majority of players have to dig up the entire region around the X. The majority of it is buried in beaches, but occasionally you might also find it at the bottom of the sea. Typically, slabs of gravel or sand are used to cover it. In the event that it spawns into an underwater hill, it may also have stone on top of it.

Find and Use Buried Treasure Map in Minecraft

You will find a tonne of loot when you open the chest. A hidden treasure is always where the heart of the water is. However, there are many other things that you can find, from armors and grilled fish to iron ingots and emeralds. On the Minecraft Wiki, you can discover a comprehensive list of potential loot items for both game editions.

You may take your ocean missions to a whole new level in Minecraft if you have the ability to uncover a Buried Treasure. What better place to begin than with one of our top-notch Minecraft island seeds. These seeds spawn you on a survival island, providing you with the ideal setting for treasure hunting and maritime exploration. However, if you are using the most recent Minecraft 1.18 update, exploring some of the lovely, lush caves might be a more interesting option. At least until theWarden makes cave exploration dangerous in the Minecraft 1.19 mob update.