How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft

In the game of Minecraft, emeralds are the most valuable currency. In a matter of seconds, you can exchange emeralds for a selection of exotic goods from the villagers and vendors. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of emeralds to do it. And fortunately for you, there is a method for every play style in our article on where to find emeralds in Minecraft. It is now time to board the emerald collection train, so grab your pickaxes and some Minecraft potions.

How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft (2022)

We will discuss each of the different ways to get emeralds in Minecraft in its own area. Find the approach that best meets your needs using the table below.

What is An Emerald in Minecraft

In Minecraft, emeralds are a typical mineral that serve as the primary trading currency for locals and roving merchants. Emeralds are even more rare than diamonds, according to the Minecraft ore distribution. Additionally, you can use them early on in the game to acquire a range of unique goodies.

The emeralds resemble diamonds in appearance but are green instead of white. Although they have a similar appearance to most other ores in the game, emeralds cannot be used to make tools or other useful items.

How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the following techniques can be used to obtain emeralds:

  • Trading with Villagers
  • Collecting Mob Loot
  • Mining Emerald Ore
  • Chest Loot


The majority of purchases made with emeralds are made with roving traders and locals. However, there is a reverse trading system in place that allows you to give certain products to villagers in exchange for emeralds. In Minecraft, each species of villager gives players a variety of trade options to acquire emeralds. The following are some of the top trade offers you should consider:

  • Give wheat to the farmer
  • Trade rotten flesh with the cleric (obtainable in large quantities with a mob XP farm in Minecraft)
  • Coal to the armorer
  • Raw chicken to butcher (use a chicken farm in Minecraft to collect lots of raw chicken and XP)
  • Sticker to fletcher

Mob Loot

If you have battle confidence, you can also get emeralds by taking down mobs. When they pass away, both vindicators and invokers have a chance of dropping emeralds. Using the Looting III sword enchantment will enhance the number of drops. There are other aggressive mobs that also drop emeralds, though.

Additionally, foxes with emeralds in their mouths occasionally spawn in Minecraft. To get these emeralds, you can either kill foxes or give them food. Following the collection of the emerald from the foxes, you can utilise our guide to tame them in Minecraft.

Chest Loot

If you’re lucky, some of the chests in Minecraft contain emeralds as an item. The following locations include these chests:

  • Buried Treasure^
  • Desert Temple
  • End City
  • Igloo
  • Stronghold*
  • Jungle Temple
  • Shipwreck
  • Underwater Ruins
  • Village

Java edition only; Bedrock edition only

Out of all the locations mentioned, shipwrecks’ chests have the best probability of containing emerald fragments.

Emerald Ore

You can always rely on the conventional technique of mining emerald ores if killing mobs, trading, or looting doesn’t work or doesn’t fit your playstyle. However, bear in mind that they are far rarer even than Minecraft’s diamonds in terms of natural generation.

The game aims to produce emeralds with a global height between -16 and 320. Maximum emerald ore blocks in Minecraft may be found at Y=256.

Additionally, compared to other biomes in Minecraft, the windswept hills and mountain biomes produce more emerald ores in the Bedrock edition. A pickaxe made of iron or better can be used to mine the emerald ore. The ore will be ruined if you use something else, though.

Bonus: What are Rubies in Minecraft

If you’ve ever wondered why emeralds and rubies appear so similar, the similarity is not merely coincidental. Minecraft first added rubies as the villagers’ trading currency in 2012 (version 1.3.1). They once appeared in the chest rooms of temples in the desert. Later, in version 1.14 of Minecraft, emeralds were used in instead of rubies, probably to minimise confusion with Redstone.

Get Emeralds for Trading in Minecraft

You are now prepared to quickly unlock the finest trades in Minecraft and begin gathering a tonne of emeralds. And that isn’t the only resource in the Minecraft universe that is worth finding. Use this strategy to find diamonds in Minecraft so you can immediately begin another journey. To receive enchanted books from librarians that you may then use to enchant your diamond gear, you can utilise the emeralds you already collected in the meantime. However, putting trading aside, do you believe emeralds in Minecraft should have additional applications, such as improving your tools or weapons? Tell us in the remarks section below!