How to Find Netherite in Minecraft 1.19

The worlds of Minecraft are hazardous. Everywhere you turn, you’ll encounter aggressive hordes, little bosses like The Warden, and sheer cliffs. You must therefore take all necessary precautions to safeguard yourself from the game’s various threats. Fortunately, Netherite, a material found in the world of Minecraft, contains the answer. One of the rarest and toughest types of minecraft mineral, netherite may be used to build the game’s most durable armour and potent weapons. But only if you know where to look in Minecraft for Netherite. And that is precisely what we are going to examine in depth. We won’t skip a step in our quest for Netherite in Minecraft based on the biomes’ spawn rate. So dig out your pickaxe and let’s get going!

Find Netherite in Minecraft (Updated June 2022)

We are going over some crucial setup steps in order to obtain Netherite in Minecraft. However, you can go right to the search process by using the table below.

What is Ancient Debris

Netherite doesn’t have a direct ore block in Minecraft, in contrast to other armour materials in the game. The block you should seek out is known as old rubbish. It is a type of building material in Minecraft that is resistant to typical explosions. Therefore, you can use TNT to clear the area around it without obliterating any old artefacts or netherite.

You can transform ancient trash into netherite after you have mined it. The conversion procedure is explained later in the handbook. Remember that whenever we refer to ancient debris in the guide, we are implicitly discussing Netherite and vice versa.

Best Tool for Mining Netherite or Ancient Debris

The diamond pickaxe is the greatest equipment for mining antiquated detritus. Therefore, you will have to wait till later to acquire Netherite in Minecraft unless you are using the best seeds. Any other pickaxe won’t produce anything when used to mine through old rubbish. Additionally, you may increase the efficiency of your pickaxe by using the greatest Minecraft enchantments.

Where Does Netherite Spawn in Minecraft

The Netherite only spawns in the Nether dimension of Minecraft, in case you couldn’t tell from the name. Therefore, before you start seeking for Netherite, you must first create a Nether gateway in Minecraft. In order to resist the lava ocean in the Nether, you should also create a Potion of Fire Resistance.

Best Biomes for Netherite

According to official records, no biome has a higher incidence of Ancient Debris (or Netherite) spawning. However, the following biomes are what you should choose, according to the community and our testing:

  • Warped Forest: This biome is loaded with resources, is easier to find, and can help you make a base for your research.
  • Basalt Deltas: Leaving the dangerous terrain aside, this biome has a low spawn rate for hostile mobs other than magma cubes. So, you can freely look for Netherite without getting attacked.
  • Nether Wastes: This is the most common biome of the Nether. It is also the biome that most players are familiar with. And due to the repetitive blocks, it will also be easier to spot ancient debris while strip mining.

Conditions for Spawning of Ancient Debris

Now that you are familiar with ore blocks and Minecraft biomes, it’s time to concentrate on the most crucial section of our book. The prerequisites for historical debris to spawn in Minecraft are as follows:

  • With Minecraft s ore generation, you can get a maximum of five ancient debris blocks per chunk. But on average, the actual spawn rate is close to two blocks.
  • It commonly spawns between Y (height) levels 8 and 22. But as per Minecraft Wiki s testing, you can find most ancient debris at level Y=15.
  • Unlike many other ore blocks, ancient debris spawns away from air exposure. It means that you will always find it surrounded by other blocks or lava.
  • Finally, while spawning, the ancient debris loads up next to Netherrack, basalt, and Blackstone. So, look at the surroundings of these blocks while mining.

How to Find and Mine Ancient Debris

It’s time to locate and mine Netherite in Minecraft now that we know where to seek for antiquated trash. To obtain netherite and get to the ancient debris, follow these instructions.

1. Enter the Nether dimension first by creating a nether portal. Then, unless you spawn into one, search for nether wastes or any other significant biome.

2. Once you reach the height Y=15, begin mining. On the Java edition, you may view your coordinates by pressing the F3 key. In the meanwhile, you can enable them in the game settings for the Bedrock edition. Keep construction materials in your inventory to stop any unintentional lava eruptions while mining.

Cropped Screenshot of the Debug Screen

3. After reaching the level of netherite, you can begin mining in all directions. The better option is to use TNT to clear the area around you until you find antiquated debris. Just be sure to stay safe by hiding behind solid blocks or consuming the best minecraft potions.

Note: To manufacture one ingot of netherite, you need four blocks of antiquated trash.

How to Make Netherite from Ancient Debris

So make sure you find and acquire at least that many blocks before leaving the Nether.

You must transform the four blocks of antiquated detritus into netherite after you have mined them. To do this, adhere to following steps:

1. Return to the overworld first. You shouldn’t take a chance as netherite is an uncommon discovery. Create a furnace or blast furnace after that. Here is the crafting formula for a furnace, which only requires 8 cobblestones to complete:

2. Melt the antiquated trash into Netherite scrap using the newly constructed furnace. Each ancient debris block yields one netherite scrap.

Additional Tips to Find Netherite

3. To create a Netherite ingot, you must lastly merge four Netherite scraps with four gold ingots on a crafting tablet. The ingredients can be positioned anywhere in the crafting area because the recipe has no specific structure.

  • Travel with food like golden apples or golden carrots to avoid damage from mobs and lava.
  • You can use our Minecraft ore distribution guide to find diamonds and gold. Both of these are necessary to reach Netherite.
  • Steep falls are common in the Nether dimension. So, make sure you know how to avoid fall damage in Minecraft to stay safe.
  • If you are unable to find TNT, you should use beds to find ancient debris. They explode in the Nether if you try to sleep on them.

Other Ways to Get Netherite in Minecraft

In Minecraft, locating Netherite might be a difficult task. So, in order to speed up the procedure, here are some extra suggestions:

  • Treasure chests
  • Generic chests
  • Hoglin stable chests

In Minecraft, you can also obtain netherite via chest treasure if searching for and mining it seem like too much work. The chest trove of Bastion ruins contains both Netherite and antiquated debris:

Find and Use Netherite in Minecraft

Compared to the prehistoric debris, the Netherite scrap has a higher spawn rate. But there is just one shred available in each chest. In the meanwhile, non-generic chests can hold up to two blocks of antiquated trash.