How to Find out If You’re Shadowbanned on Reddit

It can be frustrating to not be able to upload new content or leave hilarious comments after discovering the greatest Reddit subreddit for your particular area of interest. It’s possible that you’ve been shadowbanned on the platform if no one is seeing your new posts and comments. So, here’s how to find out whether you’ve been shadowbanned on Reddit, along with some advice on how to avoid doing so.

Find out If You re Shadowbanned on Reddit (2022)

What is Shadowbanning on Reddit?

On Reddit, the term “shadowbanning” describes the condition under which you are unable to publish new posts or comments. Even while you can technically post and comment while shadowbanned, only you and the subreddit’s moderators will be able to see them. It’s likely that you’ve been shadowbanned if you’ve been posting on Reddit and receiving no comments, upvotes, or downvotes. Continue reading to learn how to find out whether Reddit has shadowbanned you.

Use Incognito Mode to Check If You re Shadowbanned on Reddit

Opening your post in incognito mode is the quickest way to determine if you have been shadowbanned. This is how to accomplish it:

1. Select Copy Link from the Share menu after opening your Reddit post and clicking on the Share icon. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N to launch a new incognito window (Ctrl+Shift+P for Firefox) and then paste the link into the address bar.

2. You can be confident that you are not shadowbanned if you can read the post’s title and body in incognito mode. On the other side, if you are unable to view the post in the incognito tab, you will be shadowbanned.

Post in r/ShadowBan to Check if Reddit ShadowBanned You

1. Go to the Shadow Ban subreddit and write a new message. Add any sample text you like to the post title and press “Post” to publish it.

2. The MarkdownShadowBot bot will examine your account and respond to your post after a little delay. The bot displays information about your most recent 100 posts or comments together with the status of your account’s shadow ban. It provides links to your posts and comments and indicates whether or not a post has been deleted. My account has not been shadowbanned in this instance.

Remove Reddit ShadowBan: Raise an Appeal

You can file an appeal to get your account back if you discover that Reddit has shadowbanned it. You can either send a direct message or use Reddit’s appeals form to accomplish this. How to begin going is as follows:

1. Go to Reddit’s appeals page. In the text box, write a succinct explanation of your problem. After outlining the problem, choose the I’ve read the Suspensions help article and the Reddit Content Policy checkbox, then press the Submit button. The Reddit support staff will then get in touch to help you with your problem.

2. Another choice is to mail Reddit privately. To describe the problem you’re having, click this direct link and then press the Send button. Your message will be acknowledged automatically, and Reddit’s support staff should reply to your request shortly after that.

Tips to Avoid Shadowban on Reddit

  • Don t use VPN while creating a new account

Reddit’s spam filter is likely to be activated if you utilised one of the top VPNs to create a new account. Therefore, it’s best to disable your VPN while creating an account on Reddit.

  • Don t interact with your posts from an alt account

Reddit may shadow ban you if you attempt to manipulate the voting process by using an alt account to upvote or comment on your own content. The worst-case situation would be a shadowban on both of your accounts.

  • Don t click on suspicious links

Although this advice is useful whenever you browse the web, it is especially useful in this situation. Be careful not to fall for phishing scams that could expose your account information. Our page on internet scam protection tips and methods has further information on this subject.

  • Don t spam on multiple subreddits at once

Your account can be shadowbanned if you go on a self-promotion binge and post the same link to several subreddits at once. You might try sharing posts infrequently as a solution. Additionally, avoid posting links to off-topic subreddits.

A comprehensive list, which is even pinned by the subreddit moderators, has been compiled by Reddit user u/cojoco in the r/ShadowBan subreddit in addition to these suggestions. You should gain a clearer understanding of the considerations to make while utilising Reddit as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a shadowban on Reddit last?

Shadowbans on Reddit are permanent, unlike account suspensions. To remove the shadowban, you must file an appeal.

How can I have my Reddit account unshadowbanned?

By submitting an appeal, you can get back into your shadowbanned Reddit account. If you didn’t break Reddit’s terms of service, the customer care staff will assist you in regaining access to your account.

Is the shadowban on Reddit permanent?

Regarding how and why you were shadowbanned, it varies. There is a slim chance that you will be able to get your account back if Reddit shadowbanned you for breaking the terms of service.

Avoid Getting ShadowBanned on Reddit

So, that’s how you can determine whether your account has been shadowbanned and hopefully get it unshadowbanned. If Reddit doesn’t restore your account and you don’t want to start anew, feel free to look at our list of websites that are similar to Reddit and instructions on how to completely remove your Reddit account.