How to Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are no longer merely social media sites. Over the years, they have evolved into a market, a location for watching videos similar to YouTube, a service for game streaming, and more. The ad network is what connects all of Facebook’s services together among all of this. Areport claims that Facebook receives more than 98% of its overall revenue from advertisements. It provides a glimpse at the size of its ad network and the volume of information it gathers for targeted, customised advertising. However, if Facebook was able to grab your attention with its ad recommendations and you want to track down an advertisement you recently saw on Facebook or Instagram, then go to the instructions below. We explain where to access all of your recently viewed Instagram and Facebook ads in this article.

Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram and Facebook (2021)

Here, we’ve included every method for finding your recent Facebook and Instagram ad activity. To navigate to the appropriate section, simply click one of the links below.

  • Find Recently Viewed Ads on Instagram

1. You must instal the Instagram app on your Android or iOS smartphone in order to find recently viewed advertising on Instagram. There are no advertisements on the website. Open your profile and select the hamburger menu after installing the app. Open the Settings menu after that.

2. Next, hit Ads and choose the Ad Activity menu item.

3. All of the most recent Instagram advertisements may be found right here. Remember that Instagram only records the interactions you have had with the adverts on the platform. It includes Instagram Stories and the adverts you interact with in the feed. It won’t appear here if all you saw was an advertisement when browsing through your feed.

  • Find Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook

1. From the top navigation bar of the Facebook app on Android or iOS, select the hamburger menu. Then select Recent Ad Activity from the menu. If the Recent Ad Activity option is not visible, scroll down and touch on See More to discover other choices.

2. You can browse all the recently viewed Facebook ads here, similar to Instagram. Additionally, you can save the advertisement for subsequent review and get information about when you visited the link.

3. In addition to the app, Facebook’s desktop and mobile websites both let you search for recently viewed advertising. But bear in mind that it just provides information about the advertiser, not the actual advertisement. Click on this link to view your most current Facebook ad activity if you’re on a desktop.

4. If you’re using a mobile browser to access Facebook, enter the hamburger menu, and then scroll down. Select Settings from here.

5. After that, open Ad options by scrolling down. To view the most recent ads you saw in your feed, tap on Advertisers whose ads you have clicked next.

6. The list of advertisers with whom you have interacted on Facebook can be found here.

Discover Old Ads on Instagram and Facebook

So, that’s how you may locate previous advertising that you recently viewed and engaged with on Facebook and Instagram. We are all aware of Facebook’s corporate dominance when it comes to ad targeting. Although many people locate their preferred products thanks to it, I do not agree with it. Go through our guide and eliminate Off-Facebook Activity if you want to significantly limit the ability of Facebook to target you with tailored adverts. It will stop Facebook from using information about your ad preferences obtained from outside applications.

And if you’ve had enough of Facebook’s complete disregard for user privacy, feel free to cancel your account completely without leaving a trace. Last but not least, you can recover deleted Instagram posts if you’re looking for a technique to do so. Simply follow the instructions in the attached handbook. That’s all we have to say, though. Please leave a remark below if you have any questions. We’ll make every effort to assist you.