How to Find Song Lyrics on Spotify (Desktop, Mobile, TV)

In the background, WhatsApp is developing a few new features. Some of the future improvements include the option to search by date and ShareChat integration, according to reputable WhatsApp-related source WABetaInfo.

Find Song Lyrics on Spotify (2021)

The functionality will allow you to filter and search messages from a specific date, as its name suggests.

View Song Lyrics on Spotify Web and Desktop (Mac and Windows)

a functionality that has long been available in well-known WhatsApp rivals like Telegram.

Once the feature is available, WhatsApp will display a new Calendar icon in the in-chat Search page. You can filter the messages by selecting a date by tapping the calendar icon, which will show a date picker. Washington Beta Info

Find Song Lyrics on Spotify Mobile App (Android and iOS)

Although WABetaInfo discovered the feature on iOS, we could anticipate that the business will also make it available on Android. But keep in mind that neither of the platforms has the feature live just yet.

The native playback of videos from the in-house social media platform ShareChat will soon be supported by WhatsApp. With this update, you won’t need to exit WhatsApp in order to watch ShareChat videos. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube inline video playback are already supported by the messaging app.

View Spotify Song Lyrics on Smart TV

It is clear from one of the photographs posted by WABetaInfo that the business will also include PiP support. When WhatsApp introduces the feature, both iOS and Android users will have access to it.

Additionally, WhatsApp wants to clean up the Storage usage area. Large files and Forwarded files will be divided into their own parts. Yes, you can now quickly and easily mass erase all of those obnoxious forward images and videos. Washington Beta Info

Get Time-Synced Lyrics on Spotify

You have the choice to sort by newest, oldest, and size once you’re in one of these new categories.