How to Find Your Old Instagram Bios

You might occasionally wish to go back at your older bios to examine the quotations or fonts you used. used to provide a simple way to view or copy your bio, but that is no longer the case. To view your older bio, there is still a workaround. We have outlined how to locate your previous biographies in this blog.

How to Find Your Old Bios (2022)

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Check Old Bios on Mobile (Android & iOS)

1. To access your profile, launch the app and touch on the profile symbol in the bottom navigation bar. Press the hamburger menu (horizontal three lines) in the top right corner once you are on the profile screen.

2. Select Your activity from the pop-up menu, then press Account history to retrieve your bio. Please be aware that no longer allows you to read all of your past bios under Settings -> Security -> Access data -> Former bio texts.

3. A historical view of the significant modifications you have made to your account will now be displayed. You can view your previous bios by scrolling through the past under the Bio section.

4. Here is a workaround since you can no longer copy the content in your bio. Take a screenshot of the bio that contains the passage or quotation you want to refer back to. Then, open the screenshot in the Google Lens app (free; integrated into several camera apps on Android phones). This will make it simple for you to choose and copy the text.

To use the Lens function, you must use the Google Photos app for iOS (free). Alternately, you may use iOS 15’s Live Information feature to grab the screenshot’s bio text.

5. Return to the app at this point. Select Edit Profile by tapping on your profile image in the bottom navigation bar. Now that it has been pasted, you can alter your bio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access older biographies online?

No, you can’t read your previous bios on the Meta-owned social networking site’s online interface anymore. To review your past biographies, you must utilise ‘s mobile app.

How can outdated biographies be deleted?

Your previous biographies are permanently stored in the company’s database. You can always update your current bio to take the place of your outdated one in your profile, though.

How frequently can I edit my bio?

There is no restriction on how frequently you can update your bio. You are free to update your bio as frequently as you like.

View Your Previous Bio Texts

This concludes our tutorial on discovering old biographies. Even while the prior implementation made it much easier to access older biographies, the new method still works just fine as long as you’re willing to look through your account history. In the meantime, if you’re looking for further advice on , be sure to read our articles on how to prevent an shadowban and how to determine if someone has banned you.