How to Fix Character.AI Bot is Freezing in Mid Chat?

This post will teach you how to fix Character AI if it freezes in the middle of a dialogue. New technical goods based on artificial intelligence are appearing on the internet as the AI revolution sweeps the globe. Character AI is currently the talk of the town. It is a chatbot program that uses a neural language model.

Simply put, character AI can conduct interactions with real people and provide human-like responses. The AI models in Character AI can be used by human users to design characters. Additionally, the AI model’s personality can be changed by a human.


One user can have chats with a single AI character or several. Users can initiate one-on-one conversations with specific characters or set up group discussions with other characters. After that, everyone can start talking to one another.

Users frequently complain that when trying to speak with any AI model, the dialogue freezes in the middle. The entire interface then becomes unresponsive. Let’s examine why it occurs and how to resolve the problem to enable a seamless dialogue.

Reasons Why Character AI is Freezing Mid Conversation

In the field of artificial intelligence, character AI is still a young concept. Tech aficionados are aware of this program, though, and thousands of people are actively using it to create their own unique AI character models and communicate with them.

Character AI’s servers might not be able to accommodate a huge number of users right now. Character AI may stop responding in the middle of a chat when a server is overloaded. Users on a Reddit group claim that the freezing problem occurs when the AI model responds to the first discussion that the human user starts. The entire interface then hangs.


Furthermore, the Character AI website webpage won’t load properly if your computer’s network access is slow. Additionally, the AI model’s response time will be slowed down. The discussion will freeze and become unusable if the network is way too unreliable.

The web browser you are using could be having some issues. Most often, this occurs as a result of junk data being put into the browser cache. Manually refreshing the cache is required. Even if your internet connection is strong, Character AI and other websites you visit using the same browser might not function properly.

Best Tips to Fix Character AI Freezing Mid Chat

Here are some quick ideas and tactics you can use to break the chat interface’s freeze while interacting with Character AI’s AI model.

1. Close the Current Chat and Start a New Chat

It appears that the developers have heard the complaints of Character AI’s human users about the freezing problem thanks to Reddit groups. Closing the current dialogue you are holding with an AI model is one of the effective fixes for the character AI freeze problem. Start a fresh chat with the model on Character AI after that.

The aforementioned fix functions, but it is not a long-term one. Users continue to claim that once the AI model responds throughout the discussion, it becomes stuck. The message sent in the previous chat occasionally disappears after being reloaded in the new chat. The vicious cycle keeps happening, soft-locking the character AI interface.

2. Fix the Internet Connection

Always make sure the device you’re running Character AI on is connected to a strong, reliable WiFi network. In addition to Character AI, if you are unable to access other websites or the internet in general, there is probably a network problem.

Contact your Internet service provider and file a complaint. Additionally, you can manually disconnect and reattach the device to the network. If necessary, seek assistance from the ISP support and reset the router. You can have smooth conversations with the AI model when the network is steady.

3. Clear the Browser Cache

Get rid of the useless data in the browser cache of the browser app you are using.

  1. Launch the Browser.
  2. Press Ctrl +Shift +Delete hotkeys. This will bring up the clear browsing data dialog box
  3. Set the Time Range to All Time.
  4. Select Cached images and Files. Also, select Cookies and other Site Data.
  5. Click on Clear Data.
  6. Relaunch the Browser.
  7. Access Character AI and start a conversation with an AI model.

Now, if the issue was the browser cache, you shouldn’t experience any freezing issues.

4. Close the Browser and Relaunch it

It may occasionally be a chance bug in the browser you are using. The Character AI freeze problem should be resolved by closing and reopening the browser.

  1. Launch the Task Manager.
  2. Under the Processes tab, navigate to the browser app you are using and click on it.
  3. Once highlighted, right-click on the browser app and select End task.

  4. Now, launch the Browser and start using Character AI.

5. Use Character AI on Other Browsers

If you frequently have Character AI stalling while using it on a specific browser, try using another one. If you have been using the Chrome browser, for instance, switch to the Edge or Brave browser. Since there are so many possibilities on the web, you can use any browser.

6. Upgrade the Servers [Tip for Character AI Developers]

I’ll leave you with one last piece of advice for the Character AI programmers. It has to do with increasing server capacity. Character AI is being tested by thousands of new users every day. Therefore, the capabilities of the AI chatbot model can be greatly enhanced with a robust server. While still being able to serve a sizable user base, this will considerably help to decrease the Character AI freezing issue.

These are the recommendations you can make if your device has been experiencing the unpleasant Character AI freezing problem. Use these pointers to have fruitful chats with your AI friend.

If you have any suggestions for improving character.If an AI bot is freezing in the middle of a conversation, please post a comment below. Additionally, for video instructions, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube page. Cheers!