How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on Windows 11?

Is Windows 11’s Facebook Messenger app broken? I’ve covered a few troubleshooting strategies in this guide to help you fix this problem. When using the app from a desktop, many users have complained that notifications are frequently not displayed. On sometimes, it might launch before crashing. People who primarily use the Messenger app for professional networking may find it challenging to keep up with communication with their contacts.

The Messenger app on Windows 11 might not function mostly due to an unreliable internet connection. The app won’t launch if the network keeps failing. Even if it does, the program won’t function properly since its components won’t load or its notifications won’t display. It’s possible that Messenger or the Windows operating system have a bug that’s causing it to crash or become unresponsive.


Messenger on the PC might not have been given certain permissions. The app might not launch or function as a result of that. When Messenger’s server is undergoing maintenance, it can occasionally go down in some areas. Therefore, the majority of users in your area are also unable to use Messenger along with you.

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