How to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain Issue on Android

No matter which Android version you are using, Android has its share of issues that continue to degrade the experience, just like Windows 10. The Google Play Services’ impact on battery life is one of the main issues. Google Play Services, as we are all aware, is an umbrella term for numerous Google services that are used for an excessive number of purposes. That covers logging into a Google account, managing notifications, synchronising background tasks, interacting with other apps, and more. Therefore, if you are having problems with Google Play Services draining your battery, these are the best solutions you can try.

Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain Issue on MIUI, One UI, Android 11, and More (2021)

I have described in great detail seven techniques here to assist you in resolving the Google Play Services battery drain issue on your Android smartphone. With just one click, you can expand the table below and navigate to the necessary section.

1. Update Google Play Services

In the beginning, I suggest that you update Google Play Services to the newest version. Your smartphone’s battery life may be suffering as a result of a problematic patch that you recently installed.

1. Go to Settings, look for Play Services, and open it to update Google Play Services.

2. A manual route to Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> See all apps is also an option. Open the app info page and perform a Google Play services search here.

3. Select App Details after tapping on Advanced to open the expanded menu.

4. You will be taken straight to the Google Play Services Play Store website. To acquire the newest features and patch your device, touch the Updatebutton if there is an update pending.

5. You might not be able to access the App Details menu on your smartphone if you are running another Android skin or an older version of Android. You can download the Play Services Info app in these circumstances (Free). It makes it simple for you to visit the Play Store’s Google Play Services website.

6. Aside from that, I’d urge you to update Google Play Store as well. The Play Store and Google Play Services are closely related, and an outdated package could be one of the causes of your Android device’s battery drain problem. Open the Play Store, select the hamburger menu, and select Settings to do this.

7. Next, click on the Play Store version by scrolling down. If an update is available, the app will notify you and download and instal a new version of Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Turn off and then back on your device after around an hour. You won’t experience the battery drain problem brought on by Google Play Services going forward.

2. Exit Google Play Services Beta

Users occasionally aren’t even aware that they’re signed up for Google Play Services’ Beta programme. We are all aware that beta builds frequently contain bugs and untested features that can cause battery drain problems. So, leaving the Google Play Services Beta could be the solution if you don’t like trying out new features. Here’s how you approach it.

1. Navigate to My apps and games in Google Play Store. Change to the Beta tab after that.

2. The Google Play Services beta programme will be listed here if you are a participant. Open the App Details page and tap on Leave. That will remove the beta software package.

3. Remember that removing the beta software does not automatically replace it with the stable version. Therefore, using the instructions from the aforementioned technique, open the Play Services page on the Google Play Store and manually update it.

4. Also take note that it may take some time for Google Play Services to sync everything after making these modifications. You might therefore experience the battery drain issue once more in the coming hours. After that, it ought to steady, and the battery-drain problem ought to be resolved.

3. Reboot the Device

Rebooting the device can occasionally resolve the power depletion issue brought on by Google Play Services, despite the fact that this may sound simplistic. A number of consumers claim that by shutting down and restarting their smartphones, the battery life improves. Therefore, I advise you to attempt the same approach and see if the problem still exists.

4. Clear Cache

You must clear the cache if none of the aforementioned solutions worked to cure the issue. Do not worry; it will not deactivate your Google account or delete any of your files. It will simply delete all the temporary and out-of-date files that Play Services has gathered over time. It will create a new copy of the data when you clear the cache, which should resolve the battery drain issue brought on by Google Play Services.

1. Search for Play services in Settings. Go to the Google Play Services app information page now.

2. You may also look for Play services by going to Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> See all apps. Go to the app information page.

3. Open Storage and Cache now and select Clear Cache. Give it some time, and the problem with the battery should be resolved.

5. Turn Off Unnecessary Sync

The users that experience this battery depletion issue most frequently are those who add several Google accounts to their Android smartphone. It happens as a result of an excessive number of background synchronisation activities consuming system resources and depleting the battery. These tasks are handled by Google Play Service, which drains the battery. Therefore, if you don’t use your Google account, I advise you to delete it entirely or disable sync for accounts you hardly use. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Go to Accounts in Settings. Open the Google account that you seldom ever use here.

2. After that, click “Remove account.” There it is.

3. If you do utilise other Google accounts, be careful to disable pointless sync operations. For instance, if you just use your work account for Gmail and Calendar, disable other sync activities. Just open Account sync and turn off the setting for unnecessary profile syncing. This clever approach will reduce energy loss brought on by Google Play Services.

6. Remove Location Permission

One of the main causes of battery drain on Android handsets is location permission. Only apps that actually need the location permission, like as Maps, food delivery apps, etc., should be given access to it. Even so, to limit background location usage, use Android 11’s sAsk Every time or Allow only while using the app privacy features.

1. Navigate to Apps and Notifications under Settings. You must then access the App Permissions settings page. To go directly to the App Permissions tab, you may also search for permissions in Settings.

2. Deny that permission to apps that don’t require it by tapping on Location in this window. Depending on how you use the app, you can also set the permission to Ask Every Time or Allow Only. This little adjustment will ensure that fewer apps seek for location in the background, preventing battery consumption.

7. Clear All Data

As a last resort, if none of the aforementioned techniques are successful for you, you might have to figuratively press the red button. Your Google account will be removed, and you will need to sign in again using your Google account. It won’t delete any of your files or do anything similar. In addition, you must set up Google Pay, Play Store, and other Google apps on your Android device. Prior to implementing this update, take in mind that notifications may initially arrive late.

1. Play services can be found in Settings. Open it.

2. Open Storage and Cache next. Instead of selecting Clear Cache as we did in one of the steps before, select Clear Storage here.

3. After that, select Uninstall updates from the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner to restart Google Play Services.

4. Next, use the first approach described in this article to access the Google Play Services Play Store website. Update Google Play Services right now. This will allow you to restart and download a new version of Google Play Services, which will resolve the power drain problem.

Battery Drain Due to Google Play Services? Find the Solution Here

These are the top seven methods for resolving the Google Play Services-related battery depletion issue. You should now see a sizable 5-6% decrease in the use of Play Services. Other than that, after attempting every technique, I would advise you to exercise patience. It takes Play Services a few hours to set up and stabilise. That’s all we have to say, though. Click on the referenced guide to rapidly fix another Android 11 problem, like the Verification Failure error. Additionally, please feel free to ask us any questions in the space provided below.