How to Fix Pinch to Zoom Not Working Windows 11?

On your Windows 11 computer, does the two-finger zoom not function? Then I have some troubleshooting advice for you that will enable you to address the problem right now. Let me first describe what the two-finger zoom function performs. You can enlarge the screen by using two fingers on your trackpad to activate this option.

Expand the fingers while still keeping the two on the trackpad. As a result, the PC screen will enlarge. Pull the two trackpad fingers inward to zoom out the screen. This option can be found in the Windows trackpad settings (a trackpad can be found on a laptop).


In Windows 11, two-finger zoom might not function if there is a problem with the system build. The Windows OS frequently has flaws that make a lot of other features suddenly stop working. In addition, even if the feature is enabled, there may be a manufacturing flaw (with the trackpad) with the specific device that prevents the gesture from being useful.

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