How to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile (New Methods – 2020)

The fact that PUBG is among the most played online multiplayer games is something we acknowledge without hesitation. While the game’s servers are sufficient, occasionally we encounter problems like higher pings that render the gaming completely unresponsive. Even customers with higher connectivity can struggle to achieve ping times below 100 ms, despite the fact that some users may have sluggish internet connections. As a result, we have created this article with a list of 8 solutions to fix ping in PUBG mobile. No concerns there; we’ve kept the guide rather clear and uncomplicated. So with that said, let’s begin.

8 Ways to Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile in 2020

Here, we’ve listed 8 distinct methods that can significantly lower ping while playing PUBG. To obtain low ping in PUBG, follow these simple steps. You don’t need root access to do so. Additionally, before reading this article if you have a low-end device, you should read our article on enhancing PUBG performance on low-end devices. Let’s get started straight away, then, without wasting any time.

Note:Since I’m testing on a Redmi K20 Pro, the settings may be consistent with other Xiaomi devices. However, the Settings may be slightly different if you are using a device from a different OEM. The dedicated Settings menu will probably be found if you browse the Settings page and check for similar strings. If you’re having trouble finding them, let us know below along with the name of your device and we’ll assist you.

1. Use Native Game Booster

Modern smartphones include built-in game boosters that are intended to minimise background activity so that you may play without lag.

The boosters can improve the device’s performance, reduce latency, and give the current game priority when it comes to bandwidth usage. While playing games, these native boosters can also prevent background apps from accessing the network, memory, and other essential resources. The simple line is that you can reduce ping on PUBG Mobile by managing background synchronisation.

You may enable Game Turbo settings on your smartphone in the Mi Security app if you have a Xiaomi device. Additionally, you may activate Gaming Mode on OnePlus devices by going to Settings -> Utilities -> Gaming Mode. Similar to how devices from various OEMs have distinct options, you can access gaming mode by visiting your Settings page.

In the unlikely event that your device lacks a specific game booster, you can download the Game Booster software from the Play Store, which should reduce ping in PUBG mobile.

2. Control WiFi Settings

Activate Game Booster (Free, in-app purchases)

3. Disable Background Syncing

You may need to manually change the WiFi settings if your ping is extremely high while playing PUBG over WiFi with a strong internet connection. Go to WiFi on the Settings page. Find Advanced or Additional Settings here. Find the Traffic mode now, then switch it to Extreme Mode. All network resources will be redirected to the active application, which will gradually result in a lower ping.

4. Try Third-party Tools

Stopping manual background syncing of programmes is another method for reducing ping in PUBG Mobile. Any Android device may be used to achieve this by accessing Settings and selecting Apps. Select the dubious programme here, then click Restrict data consumption. Uncheck the WLAN, WiFi, and mobile data boxes now. The Battery Saver settings can also be modified to limit background activity.

You can attempt various third-party solutions if the aforementioned measures failed to lower ping in PUBG Mobile. You can utilise the GFX Tool app, which is fairly popular among smartphone gamers, to reduce the ping when gaming. For low-latency PUBG gaming, adjust the following settings: graphics to 720p, rendering quality to medium or low, turn off shadows and light effects, and last, turn on GPU optimization. In PUBG, this should reduce ping.

Setup GFX Tool (Free, in-app purchases)

To decrease latency, you can also use a different programme called Mobile Gaming Ping. With just one swipe, the app can strengthen the server-client connection.

5. Change Server

Install Ping for mobile gaming (Free)

When PUBG servers are under a lot of pressure, they can struggle to handle numerous requests, which raises lag times. So, all you need to do in PUBG Mobile is switch servers and check to see whether your ping drops below 100. In addition, a VPN can be used to connect you to a separate server. I tested the Turbo VPN, and it has one of the greatest reaction times among all the free VPNs. Install a VPN, change your location to where you are, and then try playing PUBG. This time, your ping should be lower.

6. Manage Space

Setup Turbo VPN (Free, in-app purchases)

7. Repair PUBG

You should clean out your smartphone if the storage is full and there are space restrictions in order to enable fluid gameplay. Even if you don’t use them frequently, many apps generate GBs of cache memory. As a result, open Apps in Settings, go to Cache Memory, and remove any suspicious apps from there. Hopefully, this will lead to lower ping in PUBG Mobile.

8. Get a 5GHz WiFi Router

If everything else fails, PUBG may always be fixed using the built-in options. When you tap the Repair option on the login screen, PUBG will be completely reinstalled. It will, however, reset all of your gaming settings and custom controls. However, it ought to considerably lower ping when playing PUBG.

Reduce Ping in PUBG and Enjoy Smooth Gaming

If you have a strong internet connection and have tried everything suggested above but are still unable to get the ping time below 100 ms, your router may be to blame. Our houses are now crowded with several smart devices that use the same 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. It makes the 2.4GHz frequency band extremely congested, and the delay gets worse if other users are already overloading your router. Consequently, purchasing a 5GHz router will provide substantially faster connection and reaction times with the server. The bottom line is to choose a 5GHz router and play PUBG latency-free and without lag.