How to Fix Red Tint Issue in Galaxy S8

Even though Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was an immediate success and proof that the South Korean company had successfully recovered from the Note 7 fiasco last year, S8 users were quick to pick up on a few (fortunately small) flaws. The red-tinted screens on many Galaxy S8 phones were among the most unpleasant of them. Users were able to quickly remedy the red tint issue on their smartphones as Samsung quickly released a fix for these devices. So, the following is how to resolve the Galaxy S8’s red tint issue:

Note: Your carrier will determine the update. Additionally, if your carrier hasn’t yet sent you the update, this procedure won’t help you. You will, nonetheless, receive the update soon, so relax.

Fix the Galaxy S8 Screen s Red Tint

1. Navigate to Settings -> Display -> Screen Mode if you have the update.

2. Here, move the slider from Cool to Warm, and you should see an option that says Full Screen Colour Balance. You’ll need to adjust the slider toward Cool in order to correct the device’s red tinted screen.

3. If that still doesn’t give you the ideal colour for your smartphone’s display, you may tap on “Advanced Options” to access RGB sliders that you can adjust.

4. After finishing that, you should lay your phone on its face and examine the screen’s edges. Simply scroll down to see Screen edge colour balancing if you notice any strange colours there. You can use the slider to make the edges cooler or warmer by tapping on it.

It should be noted that the Advanced Options radio button must be selected in order to view the Screen edge colour balance setting.

That’s it; using these procedures, you should have resolved any difficulties with colour tinting on the Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display. Keep in mind that if you use the Advanced Options to precisely adjust the colour of your display, you must keep them turned on else the adjustments will be lost until you turn the Advanced Options back on.

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Fix the Red Tint Issue in Galaxy S8 with This Simple Method

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fantastic gadget, issues like these can cause users a lot of trouble and cast doubt on the tech giant’s quality control efforts. Samsung’s prompt response is unquestionably a positive sign, though. The business has released an update that makes it very simple to resolve the unpleasant red tint problem that has affected many S8 customers. Have you experienced the red tint issue with your Galaxy S8? If so, have you downloaded the update to repair it yet? Additionally, if you are aware of another technique that may be used to resolve this S8 problem, please share it with us in the comments area below.