How to Fix Reversed Caps Lock in Windows 11?

This guide will give you useful tips for fixing reversed Caps Lock in Windows 11. Right from the very first day we were introduced to a computer back in childhood, we know what purpose the Caps Lock key on the PC keyboard serves. You tap on it, and then anything you type appears in capital letters.

Sometimes, on Windows 11, it has been observed that even though users have not enabled the Caps Lock, whenever they are typing words and sentences, all of that appears in the capital. This problem primarily arises due to outdated or buggy keyboard drivers. Also, the current version of Windows OS installed on the PC can have some technical issues causing everything being typed to show up in capitals.


At times, on older computers, keys can get jammed due to years of use, causing the accumulation of dirt and grime underneath the key. So, that may lead to the Caps Lock key malfunctioning and causing the reverse Caps Lock issue in Windows 11. Often, the presence of corrupt system files can mess up the keyboard driver leading to a few keys behaving strangely.

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