How to Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android

You must have experienced a screen overlay detected error if you are using an Android smartphone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above. Most likely, that is the reason you are here. The issue typically affects applications that add a floating interface on top of the standard Android screen.

For instance, to deliver their features, programmes like Facebook Messenger (with its floating chat heads), Drupe, CleanMaster, Button Savior, Lux, Twilight, etc. take over the screen.

Therefore, here’s how to fix the screen overlay detected error:

1. If you are certain which programme is causing the error, go to Settings->Apps and click the settings cog icon in the top right.

2. From here, you can simply select Draw over other programmes under Special Access.

3. All the applications that demand the screen overlay permission can be found on this page. Simply choose your app and turn on the “Permit drawing over other apps” option.

Note: On non-stock Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, etc., the Draw over other apps option may not be available in the same way. For instance, in Samsung smartphones, the choice is referred to as Apps that can appear on top.

4. If the permission for an app that causes the error is already enabled, simply disable and enable it again to resolve the issue. However, you might need to reset your phone.

5. After finishing, the software should function properly and you shouldn’t encounter any screen overlay detected issues. However, if you are unsure of which app is the problem, you can turn off this permission for all of the listed apps then switch it back on for the ones that you are aware of using the floating interface. This will ensure that apps that erroneously request this permission do not disturb you with any errors.

Additionally, users have stated that the problem is allegedly caused by apps like CleanMaster from Cheetah Mobile, File Manager from Asus, and Samsung’s one-handed mode function. On your Samsung smartphone, you should delete these apps and disable the feature. Restart your device, and the issues should be gone.

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Remove screen overlay detected errors with this method

Most users of Motorola and Samsung smartphones have reported the screen overlay detected issue. If you are one of them, this strategy should make things better for you; however, if it doesn’t, please let us know in the comments box below and we will do everything we can to assist you.