How to Fix ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ Error in Google Play Store

Comic books are a fun way to pass the time in your leisure time and they may be extremely interesting. Mangas, usually referred to as Japanese comic books, are among the most popular choices among fans. These comics offer captivating plots and striking images that will draw you in completely. Prior to the advent of Netflix, these were still-existing motion pictures having dramatic or comedic parts that were action-packed. Finding one these days is incredibly difficult, but technology comes to the rescue once more. The top free manga applications for iOS and Android in 2021 are listed below for your consideration.

What Causes Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again Error in Google Play Store?

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  1. The most common reason as to why you face this error could be because of your Google account. You are either signed in with multiple accounts, and one of those is causing the error. Or, you recently changed the password to your Google account and need to relogin with the new credentials.
  2. The Play Store error is also caused due to data storage and cache issues on your Android device. We have detailed the steps to clear the Play Store cache in the article below.
  3. Other common reasons for the Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again error in the Google Play Store are poor internet connectivity, date and time mismatch, and more.

Fix Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again Error in Google Play Store (2021)

The software imports the most recent Manga comics from Japan so you can read them and pass the time. The application includes everything, from Attack on Titan to Space Brothers. The official Manga applications release new or updated comics as soon as they are available in stores. There are some free books accessible to download as well, but a small subscription price is required to access the unique content.

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In this programme, popular series like Dragonball, Naruto, and several cult classics are easily accessible. You can browse the VIZ Manga’s digital catalogue to choose from a selection of well-known Manga comics. Additionally, the creators consistently upload fresh comics.

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The application offers an Amazon feature that allows you to create your own library and browse comics at your own pace and preference. Additionally, it enables you to download the books so you may read them even while you are offline. You may easily decide if you want to buy a comic book by reading free reviews of volumes that cost money.


Check There s no Date and Time Mismatch

This gives you access to all of the manga comics legally and directly from the creators. Try Mangamo if you want to make sure you are purchasing an original copy of the comic and the creators are getting paid. You may read a good selection of comics on the application. Some excellent books include Immortal Undertaker, Attack of the Titans, and others.

You can legally access more than 30 Manga comics with a minimal monthly charge. You never run out of things to read because the developers upload new chapters every week. Additionally, the membership excludes adverts and arbitrary pop-up windows that might disturb your quiet reading time. If you want to try what you are paying for but don’t want to register, how can you? Mangano offers a free chapter every day to entice you and get you started on the adventure.


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The name of the application is the main attraction, despite the fact that the application has numerous well-known titles including Naruto, Dragon Ball, and more. Exclusive manga series Shonen Jump features a compelling plot and an action-packed conclusion. For those who love Shonen Jump, this programme is perfect. You can read 100 chapters each day for free thanks to the developers. If you are even more passionate, there is no need to worry because you may read more than 100 chapters by making a little subscription payment.

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one of the most well-liked choices among readers of Manga comics. A Manga reader that is open-source is available for free. To get started, all you need to do is click the link below to go to the website and download the Android app. The programme downloads comic books from sites including MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangumi and organises them into a library.

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Simple to use and equipped with a colour filter, the built-in reader is great for those late-night readings. The software is entirely free and includes regular upgrades. The absence of an iOS version of the application is the only flaw at this time. Other than that, it is one of the greatest free manga applications out there.

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The official Shueisha manga comic service is called Manga Plus. For your curiosity, the programme also includes the newest comic books in English and Spanish. To ensure that you receive content free from piracy, the publisher works with a variety of authors and artists. With a huge selection of manga titles at your disposal, the app is freely accessible on both iOS and Android. Through Manga Plus, you have access to a reading and thought-sharing community online.

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Ideal if you speak more than one language because the app supports comics in English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai in addition to other languages, making it accessible to users worldwide. The application’s standout feature is that users may upload their original comics and share them with the entire globe to receive a lot of attention.

The application comes with a large selection of native libraries, including those for humour, love, horror, romance, and action. It is one of the top choices that you might think about investing your money in because it receives everyday additions. With in-app purchases, the application can be downloaded for free.

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