How to format with zeros in Excel

Formatting With Zeros in Microsoft Excel

Having the ability to format with zeros in Microsoft Excel is an essential skill for anyone who works with the program professionally. This is especially true when dealing with inventory data, which often contains zeros. By using the conditional format of zeros, you can make cells containing this value stand out from the rest and quickly identify them should you need to make changes. This is especially useful if your Excel table has a lot of data and you don’t want to have to search through it one by one.

Steps for Formatting With Zeros in Excel

To begin, you’ll need to open the Excel spreadsheet containing the data you wish to format with zeros. After that, you’ll need to select the entire table. Then, you can apply the conditional formatting of zeros to the data. This will cause all cells with a zero value to stand out from the rest.


Knowing how to format with zeros in Excel is an important part of mastering the program. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel is free to download as part of the Microsoft Office suite. With some practice, you’ll be able to quickly format your data with zeros and make your work easier and more efficient.