How to Fresh Start Kodi v17 Krypton to Remove Kodi Builds

The various Kodi builds are the greatest option whether you’re new to Kodi or simply want the best add-ons and improvements in Kodi. However, Kodi builds may be to blame for a number of issues, including add-ons that are out-of-date or dead, poor performance on small devices like sticks and TV boxes, etc. Unfortunately, there isn’t a natural mechanism to reset Kodi or to delete a build and restore it to its original form. We had hoped that Kodi v17 Krypton would have a reset option, but that hasn’t happened. Having said that, there is a relatively simple method to uninstall a Kodi build and install it from scratch:

For the process, we are using Kodi v17 Krypton on a Windows 10 computer, but it should work on the majority of Kodi-running devices as well.

We’ll be utilising the Fusion repository for the procedure, so you can skip the first four stages if Kodi has already added it as a source.

1. First, launch Kodi and select the Settings icon from the home screen.

2. Next, on the Kodi Settings screen, click File Manager.

3. Click Add Source twice in the Kodi File Manager.

4. Click on None in the path on the Add File Source tab and replace it with Next, give the source any name you like, such as Fusion.

5. After adding the Fusion source, navigate to Kodi’s home page and select Add-ons. Click the Add-on Browser icon on the Add-ons page.

7. Then select “Install from zip file.” 8.

8. Next, select Fusion from the list of sources. Open the begin-here folder after that. To install the Fresh Start add-on, simply double-click file here. A notice informing you that the add-on has been activated should then appear.

11. After that, go back to the Add-ons tab and select Program Add-ons. Run the Fresh Start add-on here.

12. After that, you ought to get a prompt asking if you really wish to reset Kodi to its factory settings. SelectYes.

After that, the Kodi build you had installed should be deleted and your Kodi configuration should be reset. To make the changes effective, you must restart Kodif or reboot your computer.

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Fresh Start Kodi v17 Krypton to Remove Kodi Builds

It is unfortunate that the all-powerful Kodi does not provide a setting-reset option. Thankfully, you can easily do so using the aforementioned technique. There are a lot of steps, but after you’ve done them, everything is really simple. Therefore, you can start Kodi from scratch if you want to delete Kodi builds or simply reset Kodi. Please share your thoughts in the comments area below if you have any questions or if you know of a better way to restart Kodi.