How to Get a Goat Horn in Minecraft

With the 1.17 update, goats were added to Minecraft. They are very unusual creatures. However, goats serve no use in the game other than to drive enemies down cliffs. Fortunately, the next Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update will fix that. The addition of goat horns to the goats’ exclusive drop list is one of the update’s many distinctive features. And acquiring them is more enjoyable than actually using them. So let’s get started learning how to obtain a goat horn in Minecraft utilising the simplest techniques. Everything is covered in this book, from recommended practises to compatible blocks. So let’s get started and find goat horns in Minecraft without further ado.

Get and Use a Goat Horn in Minecraft (Updated June 2022)

We must first comprehend the physics of a goat horn’s spawn before we can learn how to acquire one. To make it simpler for you to follow, we have separated our guide into a number of sections.

Note: After the official release of the Minecraft 1.19 update on June 7th at 9:00 AM PST, this article was last updated.

What is a Goat in Minecraft

A goat is a neutral monster in Minecraft that is unique to mountainous biomes. It was initially alluded to in the Caves & Cliffs: Part 1 update, where the propensity of the vehicle to slam into crowds was highlighted. But prior to the invention of goat horns, this unusual mechanism had no purpose.

The players could only get milk from the goats when they were first made available. Unfortunately, easier-to-find cows already had complete market dominance in the milk industry at that moment. As a result, a lot of gamers failed to detect the game’s goat. However, with this particular mob, things might suddenly get much more fascinating if you know how to obtain a goat horn.

What is a Goat Horn in Minecraft

When blown into, a goat horn is a musical instrument in Minecraft that produces a distinct sound. The first recognised musical instrument in Minecraft is this one. A goat horn emits a loud noise that is audible from a fair distance away. On the top Minecraft servers, you can utilise it to find your buddies. Making loud noises is one use of it, but you can also utilise it for other purposes.

The 8 different varieties of goat horns in Minecraft each produce a different sound. You may therefore form a band with your pals in-game with some practise and effort. Furthermore, given that goat horns are now considered an instrument by the developers, upcoming upgrades may include more musical instruments.

Types of Goat Horns You Can Get

In-game, all varieties of goat horns have the same appearance, and they are classified according to the noises they make. The following varieties of goat horns are dropped by the goats in Minecraft:

  • Ponder
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • Feel
  • Admire*
  • Call*
  • Yearn*
  • Dream*

*Only dropped by a goat who was howling

What Does a Goat Horn Sound Like

Every goat horn makes a different sound. Some of them have the sound of a war trumpet, while others have the sound of an animal howling. You may hear a Ponder goat horn sound in Minecraft by using the audio player below.

How to Find a Goat Horn

The best place to look for goat horns is at a Plunderer Outpost. At Pillager Outposts, chests always spawn with a single goat horn. All you have to do is go get it. You won’t be returning empty-handed despite the fact that the goat horns may be of different types. While you’re there, use the outpost to quickly locate Allay in Minecraft.

However, keep in mind that Pillager Outposts only stock four different varieties of goat horn. These consist of:

  • Ponder
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • Feel

You will need to locate a particular breed of goat, which we have covered later in this tutorial, in order to obtain the remaining four varieties of goat horns.

How to Get Goat Horns in Minecraft

To discover goats, tame them, and get goat horns in Minecraft, simply follow these steps:

1. You must first locate a goat before you can obtain a goat horn. In Minecraft, goats only appear in the mountainous biomes. You can locate them easily by using our list of the best mountain seeds.

2. You must retain and train a goat if you locate one. To do this, create fences in Minecraft and surround your goat(s) with them. Goats can be made to follow you by using wheat. Additionally, goats have a very high vertical leap. Therefore, be sure to give your structure a roof. To make it simpler for goats to ram into the structure, you could also make it out of the target block.

3. Unlike other mobs, you no longer need to kill the goat in order to get its horn. The goat must first ram its head into a block from the mountainous biome, thus you must wait for that to happen. The supported blocks are as follows:

  • Copper Ore
  • Emerald Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Packed Ice
  • Stone

The only one of these you can easily break and position is log blocks. You will require a pickaxe with thesilk touch enchantment for everything else.

4. Utilizing one of the appropriate blocks, construct a tiny wall. Next, wait in front of the wall for 30 to 300 seconds. Move out of the way and let the goat strike the wall when it is going to ram into you. The goat will eventually drop up to 2 goat horns if done in this manner. The horn’s type will be chosen at random.

5. Lastly, all that is left to do is walk up to the goat horn that was dropped. You can then equip it from your inventory and activate the sound with a right-click or secondary action button.

What is a Screaming Goat and How to Find It

In Minecraft, screaming goats are an uncommon breed of goat. Within any given goat group, they spawn at a rate of less than 2%. Visually, it is impossible to tell a screaming goat apart from a normal goat. Instead, the screaming goats have a higher-pitched voice that sounds almost scream-like and ram into obstacles more frequently, which makes it simpler to obtain a goat horn.

There is nothing you can do to manually cause a screaming goat to spawn. The following uncommon varieties of goat horns might be acquired, nevertheless, if you manage to find it in your Minecraft world:

  • Admire
  • Dream
  • Call
  • Yearn

The procedure to obtain goat horns from the screaming goat is now the same as that of other goats. If you haven’t already, return to the steps by scrolling up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Baby Goats Drop Goat Horns?

When they ram into an appropriate block in Minecraft, only the adult goats discharge goat horns.

How Many Types of Goat Horns are There in Minecraft?

Goat horns come in 8 different varieties in Minecraft, including Ponder, Sing, Seek, Feel, Admire, Call, Yearn, and Dream. Each of them makes a distinctive sound.

What Are the Chances of Getting a Goat Horn in Minecraft?

The goat will always drop a horn if it has horns on its head and rams into a block that is compatible.

Can You Get a Goat Horn by Killing a Goat?

When slain, goats only release experience orbs. To get goat horns, you must turn the goat ram into solid bricks.

Do Goat Horns Regrow?

We have not yet received a formal response. However, during our tests, we were unable to grow any goats’ horns back after they had fallen off.

Get a Goat Horn and Start a Band with Friends in Minecraft!

It’s time to gather your crew now that you know how to get a trumpet in Minecraft and start collecting all of its variations to start a band. You may do this in peace by setting up your own Minecraft server. However, the Minecraft Hypixelserver is the greatest place to do it if you don’t mind including strangers in your band. Additionally, since we’re talking about music in Minecraft, note bricks and Alley have a really fascinating relationship that you can read about in the linked article. You can easily increase your collection using them both. So, how are you going to put the goat horn to use? Tell us in the remarks section below!