How to Get Allay in Minecraft Right Now

The creators of Minecraft are now making progress! A new mob has appeared in Minecraft that is adorable, unusual, and adds fresh gameplay features after years of underwhelming mob voting. Yes, we are referring to Allay, who won the highly anticipated fan mob vote. Even with a few flaws, it is now a part of the game and is more than ready to accompany you on your excursions. To obtain Allay before the official release of the Minecraft 1.19 update, all you have to do is adhere to our tutorial. However, you can try to meet theWarden in Minecraft if you’re more intrigued by the game’s sinister side. To endure the actual darkness, it would be ideal if you ingested a Potion of Night Vision. So without further ado, let’s find out how to meet Allay in Minecraft right away.

Get Allay in Minecraft Before Official Release (March 2022)

Allay, a brand-new mob in version 1.19 of Minecraft, is currently restricted to the Bedrock Edition alone. Therefore, Java users must wait a few weeks before they can communicate with this adorable mob. Before moving on to the meeting procedure, we briefly discuss some Allay-related details in this tutorial. You can jump to the section you want by using the table below.

Requirements to Test Allay Mob in Minecraft

You must fulfil the following conditions in order to instal Allay in your Minecraft world before the official launch:

  • Official Minecraft Bedrock (Xbox Game Pass counts)
  • A Microsoft account connected to Minecraft
  • Minecraft Beta or Minecraft Preview
  • Platform compatible with experimental updates: Xbox, Windows 10/11, Android or iOS/iPadOS

How to Get Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Minecraft Beta and Preview versions and later include Allay. In order to receive the most recent update that adds Allay to the game, you must sign up for the Bedrock beta programme. We already have a specific guide detailing how to join the Minecraft 1.19 beta for your convenience. Only Xbox, Windows 10/11, and Android devices can access the beta (via Google Play). It is included in the Xbox Game Pass as well.

Including the signup process, getting into the beta tests can take up to 24 hours. But be sure to make a backup of your current worlds before you start trying the beta releases. To prevent mistakes, Android users of Minecraft can sync their worlds with multiple devices.

How to Join Minecraft Preview

There is an alternative method in Minecraft to add Allay right immediately if you think the beta version is too hazardous. You can register for the standalone Minecraft Preview app, which only receives beta updates. Your current worlds are unaffected in any manner. For the time being, players can sign up for Minecraft Preview using our linked guide on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices.

Create New Experimental World

All you need to play this sandbox game, now that you have the suitable beta or preview version of Minecraft, is a world that can accommodate Allay. Here’s how to create a fresh, test-driven universe.

1. Launch the Minecraft Preview or Beta app to get started. Then click the Play Beta icon that is just underneath the title.

2. On the following screen, click the Create New link under the Worlds tab.

3. Next, scroll down to the Wild Updatetoggle in the Experiments section of the game settings on the new world. To use the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 update features, turn on the toggle. You might receive a warning from Minecraft about the feature’s experimental status. To proceed, tap on Activate Experiment.

4. At last, you’re prepared to begin searching for Allay in your brand-new universe. But first, use the chatbox’s /gamemode creativecommand to make it simpler to explore your universe.

How to Find Allay in Minecraft Beta/ Preview

In order to keep things straightforward, you can utilise a spawn egg in Minecraft creative mode to bring Allay to life. It’s in your arsenal of creative resources. In order to obtain Allay in Minecraft, you must move it to your inventory, equip it, and right-click on any surface. Check out this GIF to see how this procedure functions:

However, according to the developer’s notes, we can discover this adorable mob naturally in the following places if you choose to obtain Allay in Minecraft the old-fashioned way.

Pillager Outposts

Villager outposts and mansions in the woods. Let’s examine each of them in turn to use Allay in Minecraft.

Tower-like constructions known as pillager outposts are typically found in the mountain and desert biomes of a Minecraft world. The enemy of Minecraft villagers, the hostile mob Pillagers, inhabit these areas. But we are not concentrating on the main outpost. We must instead search for cages that spawn near outposts.

Woodland Mansions

There are a maximum of four cages per outpost. However, there is no set spawn minimum for these cages. Once you locate one, there is a 50/50 chance that the cage is either holding three Allays or an Iron Golem. Whatever the situation, you must destroy the wooden prison in order to release the Allay. If there isn’t a dropped object close by, the Allay will slowly fly away when you perform this in the wild.

Mansions are also home to different hostile mobs, just like outposts are. The houses typically spawn in forest biomes with sparse sunlight reaching the forest surface and tightly spaced trees. They are significantly more risky than the outposts, but the prize is also greater.

Meet Allay Mob in Minecraft Today

The forest mansion is separated into a number of rooms that are distributed over numerous floors. The new mob Allay is located in one of these spaces, usually on the ground floor. They appear in a large room with four smaller cages inside of it. There are three Allays in each cage. You can release them by opening the cage’s door with the lever outside the cage.

Allay is waiting for you in the Minecraft beta version before the game’s official release, whether you supported this adorable mob in the fan poll or you just learned about it. It is inclusive of all players and, as the name implies, serves as a terrific companion for your journey on one of thesebest Minecraft 1.18 seeds. Even better, you may invite your friends and host an Allay race on a Minecraft server. But if you intend to explore the new features in Minecraft 1.19 on your own, don’t forget to meet the frogs as well. Although they aren’t as adorable as the Allay, they can provide hours of entertainment.