How to Get an Invisible Discord Name and Avatar

Discord has the possibility to select your own profile picture and username, just like the majority of messaging programmes. You may have encountered users with an invisible name and avatar, even though you are free to use any profile image and name as long as they are not already used. The procedures to set an invisible Discord name and avatar in 2022 and later are described in this article.

Get Invisible Discord Name and Avatar (2022)

Get Invisible Name on Discord (Desktop/ Web)

1. Launch Discord and select the gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the programme to access the settings menu.

2. When your account page loads, select Edit from the menu to the right of your username.

3. Paste the following characters into the username form, type your password, then click Done to complete the process. Remember that this character will only appear as blank in the desktop version of Discord and not on the website or mobile apps. Another unique character, (), is circulating online, however it was tested at the time this article was being written and it is no longer functional.

simply copy the characters inside of this bracket: []

4. As you can see in the image below, Discord displays a blank username in place of the special character.

5. This is how the username appears in the Discord server’s side activity status screen.

Set Invisible Avatar on Discord (Desktop/ Web)

If you want to establish an invisible profile image after altering your Discord name, simply follow the instructions below. Setting a transparent image as your display picture is a simple process, and we’ve also included a ready-to-use transparent profile photo. After that, adhere to the instructions below:

1. To reach the settings page, click the Settings gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the Discord main screen.

2. To update your Discord avatar, click Edit User Profile on the account settings page.

3. Select Change Avatar from the User Profile page by placing the mouse pointer over the avatar preview.

4. Your translucent image should now be uploaded as your Discord profile picture. The transparent image is available for download from Google Drive.

5. After that, click Apply to create an invisible Discord avatar.

6. Your profile photo now effortlessly merges into the backdrop, creating the illusion that it is invisible, as shown in the image below. And with no name or profile picture, you have effectively become invisible on Discord servers.

Use Invisible Discord Avatar (Android, iOS)

1. Launch the Discord app, then click on your profile photo in the bottom navigation bar. Once there, select User Profile and tap the pencil symbol next to the preview of your profile photo.

2. Select the transparent picture under Change Avatar from the pop-up menu (download from Google Drive). To set the picture as your Discord profile picture, click the checkmark button from the cropping interface.

3. Once you’ve pressed the Save button in the lower-right corner of the screen, everything is finished. Your name and profile picture on Discord are now hidden.

Frequently Asked Questions

A transparent PFP on Discord Mobile is possible, but how?

On Discord’s mobile apps, you can download a transparent image and use it as your profile picture.

If I use an invisible username, will Discord ban me?

Users who utilise invisible usernames on Discord are typically not banned. On other Discord servers, though, you might not be accepted, and moderators might ban you if your name isn’t displayed.

A: Can I hide tags on Discord?

Your Discord tag cannot be made invisible, so no.

Make Your Discord Names and Avatars Invisible

Many users prefer having an unseen Discord name and profile picture, despite the fact that it has no discernible impact on user experience. We sincerely hope that this instruction was helpful to any people who wanted to hide their name and profile picture. Speaking of concealing information, don’t forget to flag private communications and photographs as spoilers on Discord.