How to Get and Use a Command Block in Minecraft

Have you ever used Minecraft commands or cheats? They are strong, distinctive, and genuinely game-changing. There are, however, a lot of limitations as well. You cannot use multiple commands at once, to start. Every time you wish to repeat a command, you must retype it. Additionally, the chatbox where you type in the commands lacks a separate user interface. There is a solution, however we could easily write an article on how to make commands in Minecraft better. Your life might be made a lot simpler in Minecraft if you know how to obtain a command block. You can define commands that will be triggered at your convenience using this special block. It is also the key to some of the top Minecraft adventure maps’ success. Now that that is out of the way, let’s learn how to obtain a command block in Minecraft.

Command Blocks in Minecraft: Explained (2022)

For your convenience, the tutorial has been broken into discrete sections that cover everything from what a command block is to the many sorts of command blocks and how to use them. To explore each part at your leisure, use the table below.

What is a Command Block in Minecraft

The command block is an in-game block that you can use to carry out orders in Minecraft, as its name suggests. But if you aren’t utilising cheats, you can’t get it in survival or adventure mode. It works with the Redstone mechanism used in the game. As a result, you can use the command block with objects like levers and mechanisms.

The command block cannot be mined, blasted, or broken in any other way when in survival mode. But you can still change it or deactivate it. You may quickly break, spawn, duplicate, and deactivate a command block in the creative mode.

Types of Command Blocks in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are three different sorts of command blocks, depending on the state of the blocks:

  • Orange impulse command block
  • Green chain command block
  • Purple repeat command block
Left: Green Chain Block; Middle: Orange Impulse Block; and Right: Purple Repeat Block

Impulse Command Block

The entered command is automatically started and stopped by this default command block. Thus, the entered command is only ever carried out once when you turn it on. It is comparable to utilising chatbox commands.

Chain Command Block

When combining commands, chain command blocks are helpful. When inserted into a series, it only executes the entered command once the command block it is attached to has completed its task. Therefore, when these blocks are arranged in a chain, they execute one command after another.

Repeat Command Block

This block repeatedly executes the entered commands and runs indefinitely, as suggested by its name. You can repeat a command up to 20 times in a single second because of the brisk game speed.

Get Command Block On Minecraft Java (Windows, macOS, & Linux)

It’s best to build a fresh world while testing command blocks because they can have world-altering effects. However, you can also apply them to your current environment. To obtain a command block in Minecraft Java on Windows, macOS, and Linux, follow these instructions.

1. On the home screen, select the Singleplayer option to get started.

2. Next, select the option labelled “Create New World” in the bottom right corner.

3. Verify that the Allow Cheats option is turned on here. After that, press the Create New World button. For your convenience, you can switch your game mode to creative.

4. Use the LAN World options in the pause menu to enable cheats in an existing world.

5. After entering a cheat-enabled environment, hit the T key and enter the following instruction. After that, hit Enter.

minecraft:command block /give @p

In order to avoid typing the wrong command, always copy and paste the exact same command. Upon successful completion, a command block will appear in your inventory.

Get Command Block on Minecraft Bedrock (Xbox, PS4, & Switch)

The following instructions can be used to download Minecraft Command Block for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Series X, and S, as well as the PC version of Minecraft Bedrock. Although each console’s controls may be different, the procedure remains the same.

1. Start Minecraft and select the Play option from the main menu.

2. Next, select the Worlds tab and click the Create New button.

3. Click the Create button after activating the Activate Cheatstoggle in the cheats section of this page’s game section. Additionally, be sure to go to Creative mode in the game. Within your already-existing worlds, you can also alter these game settings.

4. After entering your world, click the chat button on your platform or the Tkey. then type the following command into the conversation and hit Enter.

minecraft:command block /give @s

Commands in Minecraft are case-sensitive. While typing, pay close attention to how the characters are capitalised.

Get a Command Block in MCPE (Android & iOS)

You can receive command blocks on portable devices like the Nintendo Switch because of Minecraft’s inclusivity. However, the procedures may alter significantly if you are using MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) on Android, iOS, or iPadOS. See how they differ from one another.

Open your Minecraft app first, then tap the play button.

2. Next, select the Create New option from the worlds menu. A reality that already exists can be used.

3. Ensure that the Activate Cheats button is turned on in the game’s global settings. Through the pause menu, you can even turn on this feature in worlds that already exist. Additionally, make sure the world’s game mode is set to creative while you’re at it.

4. Click the chat button at the top of your screen in the Minecraft world that has cheats enabled.

5. Finally, enter the following command and press the “Send” button in the chat box.

minecraft:command block /give @p

The case of this command matters. Therefore, copying and pasting might make entering it simpler.

How to Place and Use Command Block in Minecraft

Players are prohibited from using command blocks in survival mode because of their potent effects. Therefore, we must first ensure that our planet is set to the creative game mode. However, in order to use command blocks on multiplayer servers, you also need OP rights.

Having said that, in order to switch your game mode to creative, you must execute the following command:

/gamemode artistic

The command block can then be placed by right-clicking or by using the secondary action key while you are still looking at another block. After learning how to get a command block in Minecraft, let’s examine its user interface to determine how to employ it in both Java and Bedrock editions.

Command Block UI on Minecraft Java and Bedrock

UI of Command Block in Java Minecraft

Both the Java and Bedrock editions of the command block have identical options. However, the two editions’ user interfaces differ slightly. Let’s quickly review the choices you have available:

  • Command Input: Here, you can enter the various in-game commands that Minecraft supports.
  • Block Type: This option allows you to set and change the command block s type from the default impulse to repeat or chain .
  • Condition: If a command block is conditional, it only runs a command if the previous command is successfully executed.
  • Redstone: If you want to use the command block in a Redstone machine, you can use this option to make it run only with Redstone power.

Exclusive Options

Command Block UI for Bedrock

The Bedrock edition’s command block offers certain extra options in addition to the standard ones. What each of them means is as follows:

  • Execute on First Tick : This option ensures that the command on the repeat block gets executed as soon as the block is activated. There is no time delay.
  • Delay in Ticks : On a repeat or chain command block, this option specifies the time delay before a command gets executed. But on a repeat command block, it specifies a delay between each repeated command execution.
  • Hover Note : This comparatively simple option allows you to name each command block. Though, you can also use this for message commands to display the name of the sender in the chat.

Get and Use Command Blocks in Minecraft

With that, getting command blocks in Minecraft Java and Bedrock version is now simple. They enable you to improve personal maps, create a private Minecraft server, and enhance the quality of your entire world. Making a perfect circle in Minecraft using command bricks is one of the most entertaining things you can do. However, even with such strength, using them requires mastering Minecraft commands. The finest Minecraft mods, fortunately, offer a simpler substitute. To run the mods and have even more power than the command block, all you need to do in Minecraft is instal Forge. Then, how do you envision employing a command block in your world? Tell us in the remarks section below!