How to Get Bees in Minecraft

Bees are among the cutest mobs in Minecraft history, and if you’ve ever encountered one, you might agree. At least up until the point where you enrage them. And for those who questioned their significance, the Buzzy Bees update for Minecraft was a significant release. With such reputation for attractiveness, there is a clear need to locate bees in Minecraft and understand what they do. Everything you need to know about getting bees in Minecraft will be covered. In order to quickly learn about bees in Minecraft, we will discuss their habits, biomes, and more.

Find and Capture Bees in Minecraft (2022)

Separate sections are devoted to the behaviour and spawning of bees. However, bear in mind that in the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, they spawn in somewhat different ways. But more on that in a moment. Let’s focus on locating bees for the time being in Minecraft. The table below can be used to explore each of them based on your interests.

Where Do Bees Spawn in Minecraft

Bees only spawn in the overworld dimension of the game, like the majority of wildlife units. The meadow biome has a 100% likelihood of hosting the bees’ spawning, according to biomes. It is one of the numerous mountain biomes that the most recent Minecraft 1.18 version added.

Bees can also be found in the biomes of plains, woodlands, flower forests, and birch forests. However, in certain biomes, the spawn rate is considerably lower. In the grasslands and sunflower plains biome, bee spawning odds are second highest. But even that is only 5%.

How to Find Bees in Minecraft

It simply takes a little practise after you are in the right biome before you can begin identifying the bees. But to make things simpler for you, we’ll go over a few signs you can look for to locate bees. Each of these signs supports the idea that bees are present there.

Beehives or Bee Nests

The beehive, or bee nest as it is known in Minecraft, is the most prevalent thing you may associate with bees. It’s the place where bees keep their honey and where they relax, as you may know. A bee nest in Minecraft can house up to three bees at once. A bee that is homeless will search until it locates an empty bee nest.

So, searching for bee nests in the game is a simple approach to find bees. They remain still at one location, unlike bees. You can then watch for the bees to return to the bee nest. Bees typically return to their hives at night or during periods of rain. Bees enter the bee nest when they return and stay there for around two minutes before leaving.


As you may anticipate, in Minecraft the bee nests spawn attached to the trees. However, not on all trees. Only oak or birch trees can be found with bee nests in the game. So keep an eye out for these two kinds of trees if you’re searching for beehives. In some cases, bee nests can even develop on oak or birch trees that are still young. So long as there are blooms nearby, that is.

The likelihood of a bee nest developing organically from a sapling, however, is less than 5%. Even so, it’s worth a go if nothing else.

How to Capture Bees in Minecraft

The next step after learning how to get bees in Minecraft is maintaining them. Bees, despite the fact that it is their home, do not remain in a small area for an extended period of time. Therefore, you cannot expect them to stick by your side or follow you. In Minecraft, there are certain techniques you can use to catch and move bees.

Silk Touch Pickaxe

The simplest method of moving bees is to move them inside their own home. However, when a player attacks or mines a bee nest, bees attack and devour the player. Therefore, you must utilise a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment activated. You can carry the block in your inventory and mine it while it is still in place thanks to silk touch. Use our Minecraft enchantments guide to learn how it functions.

The silk touch enchantment will therefore shield the bees and their house from any harm if you mine a bee nest that contains bees. They won’t damage the bees while they are inside the nest. The bees will then start to emerge once more if the bee nest is placed on birch or oak trees in any other location. However, bear in mind that in the Java edition, water can harm bees. Therefore, it might not be a good idea to place the nests next to water.

Move Bees using Lead

Some Minecraft mobs can be moved by players by placing the lead on them, just like a leash does in the real world. To connect a lead on bees, use the secondary action key or the right-click menu. When you do this, a rope will be wrapped around their bodies, allowing you to move the bees to any area while holding the rope.

In Minecraft, a slime ball and four strings can be used to create a lead.

Lure Bees with Flowers

Making a crafting table and using the recipe from the aforementioned screenshot are required once you have these items.

Get and Keep Bees in Minecraft Today

Finally, using flowers is the quickest and most typical approach to catch or transfer bees in Minecraft. All you have to do is move in front of the bees while holding a flower in your palm. The bees in your immediate area will then be drawn to the blossom organically. You may easily direct the bees in this way to any certain location.