How to Get Calculator App on Apple Watch

Even while many people would find it inconvenient, performing calculations on an Apple Watch’s tiny screen can be useful in an emergency. A simple and user-friendly calculator software for your Apple Watch might be useful for conducting quick calculations or figuring out how much to tip for a meal. If you don’t like using your iPhone to conduct simple math operations, you might as well be open to installing a calculator app on your Apple Watch. We provide you with a list of the top Apple Watch calculator apps in this article.

How to Get Calculator App on Apple Watch

Install watchOS 6 or Later to Get a Native Calculator App for Your Apple Watch

Apple finally released a native calculator app for Apple Watch with watchOS 6 after a protracted wait. This app works with all Apple Watch models except the initial model. As a result, if you have watchOS 6 or later, you won’t need to go further for a trustworthy calculator app for basic calculations.

The interface resembles the iOS standard calculator app quite a bit. So, if you’ve used the native iPhone calculator app, you’ll recognise the watchOS calculator app right away. Notably, the official Apple Watch calculator software includes a dedicated TIP button so that you can easily figure out how much gratuity to add to a meal bill.

Best Third-Party Calculator Apps for Apple Watch (Free and Paid)

Even if you don’t have the most recent Apple Watch models, you can still use the native calculator app thanks to watchOS 6’s compatibility with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3. However, if you want a calculator software with more features or if you use the original Apple Watch (launched in 2015), which is incompatible with the official calculator app, look no further than these third-party options.

1. Calbot 2

The most user-friendly Apple Watch calculator app is definitely Calbot 2, which has a neater and snappier UI. It is capable of carrying out calculations and unit conversions. Additionally, the smartwatch can calculate tips and split costs a little bit better now.

Calbot has a history tape that you can use to refer to calculations in the future. A full calculator app for watchOS, it supports more than 500 units across 22 distinct categories and allows users to favourite calculations for quick access.

Download: (free, $1.99 for the pro version)

2. PCalc

Look no farther than PCalc if you’re looking for a feature-rich calculator app for your Apple Watch. An comprehensive range of unit conversions and constants are available in the programme. Along with the support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary computations, there is also support for engineering and scientific notation. However, the selection of button layouts that add some creative flexibility to the mix is what attracted my attention in this potent calculator programme.

Not only does PCalc allow for several undos and redos, which is quite beneficial in terms of versatility, but it also has a multi-line display. You can’t go wrong with the app, even though it costs $10, given the variety of high-end functions it offers.


3. CALC Smart

Another capable calculator app for the Apple Watch is CALC Smart. The programme has an outstanding user experience that is fairly snappy and fluid. Additionally, it offers quick conversions by utilising swiping movements. And when it comes to calculating a tip, a gratuity calculator with approximations is up to the task. Not only that, but CALC Smart also offers a wide range of user-definable constants and functions.

However, what distinguishes CALC Smart is its fantastic array of layout options that let you personalise the user experience. Additionally, its position as one of the most favoured calculator apps for the Apple Watch is further enhanced by the capability to translate your results into 21 different categories, including currency.


4. Calculator

Calculator can be a good option if simplicity and usability are what you’re wanting. You may easily perform basic computations with the app’s simple style. You won’t have many complaints despite the little customization it offers because it is totally free. Additionally, it works with all Apple Watch models and is compatible with watchOS 3.2 or later.


5. Calculator HD+ +

Calculator HD+ + may be a great option for those looking for one of the top free calculator applications for the Apple Watch. A more streamlined computation experience is prioritised in the watchOS calculator app. Although its user interface isn’t particularly striking, it is quite snappy and smooth. For the needed flexibility in calculation, it offers many undos and displays results as you enter. Additionally, Calculator HD+ + supports AirPrint so you can easily print your calculations.


Why Not Use Siri to Perform Basic Calculations?

I am aware that some of you could argue that Siri is more than useful for making simple calculations on the Apple Watch, so why bother with a little calculator? I don’t entirely disprove this claim, but I also don’t agree with it.

For what it’s worth, using a GUI software with an intuitive interface is more practical than using Siri to conduct mathematical operations. A calculator app seems to be a better option in situations when Siri can’t hear you, such as when you’re in a noisy location and Siri can’t hear you, in a conference where keeping the peace is crucial, or when your Apple Watch isn’t online.

Not to mention, Siri still isn’t proficient enough to understand various dialects well. Therefore, I would advise you to make the most of your virtual assistant for simple calculations while having a handy calculator app on your phone if you frequently need to perform unit conversions or slightly more complex calculations.

Choose the Best Calculator App for Your Apple Watch

I wish you luck in finding the best calculator app for your Apple Watch. The watchOS stock calculator software, as I mentioned before, is more than capable of carrying out simple calculations. However, third-party apps might fill the gap if your smartwatch is incompatible with the default calculator software or you desire a more potent calculator app. Click on the links to read the following articles about the Apple Watch if this one was enjoyable for you.

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Which watchOS calculator app is your favourite, by the way? We’d appreciate hearing from you in the comments section.