How to Get Carrots in Minecraft

Carrots are a unique food item among the staples in Minecraft. Similar to bread in terms of hunger relief, they require little work to cultivate. However, that does not imply that finding carrots in this sandbox game is simple. That is why we will discuss the simplest ways to obtain carrots in Minecraft. In this tutorial, we have covered everything from trading to growing. Both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft are compatible with all of our approaches. Carrots don’t contain seeds in the game, unlike crops like wheat, hence the only way we can get them is as a whole. However, once you get them, you may cultivate, alter, and use carrots in a number of different ways in Minecraft. But that can wait for now. Let’s focus on locating carrots for the time being in Minecraft.

Get Carrots in Minecraft (2022)

A carrot can be used or obtained in the game in a variety of ways. Find out which one most interests you by using the table below.

Three Best Ways to Get Carrots in Minecraft

In this article, we’ll go over each of the three different ways to get carrots in Minecraft.

Mob Loot

In keeping with the game’s distinctive features, you can obtain carrots by slaying a number of enemies. These include husks, zombie villagers, and zombies. When slain, all of these have a slim but likely chance of dropping carrots. Remember that this only functions when a player or wolf attacks the mobs. You could lose carrots if you were subjected to another attack like TNT.

Chest Loot

Carrots are occasionally found while opening chests. Carrot-containing chests can be discovered in:

  • Pillager Outposts
  • Shipwrecks
  • Bonus Chests (Bedrock Only)

Pillager Outposts have the best likelihood of having chests with carrots inside of them out of all of them.

Collection by Breaking

You can gather carrots by breaking them if you discover them growing on a village farm. You can harvest at least two carrots from each fully developed plant by breaking them with any equipment. The simplest way to get carrots in Minecraft is by doing this. However, keep in mind that there is only a 20% possibility that village farms may spawn with carrots. So, in order to find the best Minecraft village seed, you might have to experiment with a few different options.

How to Use Carrots (Seeds) in Minecraft

Carrots can be fed to pigs and rabbits in addition to yourself. Additionally, some gamers utilise it for composting and trade. It can even be transformed into a golden carrot and used to create a Potion of Night Vision. A carrot on a stick and rabbit stew are additional options. However, that is for when you have an adequate number. Let’s discover how to grow more carrots in Minecraft for the time being.

1. Start by looking for blocks of grass or soil. These are the building blocks that, with certain alterations, can be utilised for farming.

2. Then you must make a hoe. This hoe can till blocks of grass and dirt, enabling us to farm with them. To make a hoe, all you need are a few simple building elements, including two sticks and some iron or wooden planks. Open your Minecraft crafting table once you have them, then place wooden sticks in the middle cells of the second and third rows. Place the wooden planks in the top row’s first two cells of the crafting area after that. Your wooden hoe will be ready after following this recipe.

3. Use the newly constructed hoe by performing a right-click on the soil blocks while it is equipped. When you do this, the soil or grass block’s texture changes right away, suggesting that it has been tilled. Make sure there is water close by because else the tilled earth will turn back into a block of soil.

4. In order to plant the carrot, equip it and right-click on the tilled block. The seed will be sown right away if you do this. The only thing left to do is watch the carrot grow.

Easily Find and Grow Carrots in Minecraft

You are now prepared to purchase carrots in Minecraft and use them to build a dependable farm for your planet. If you’re wondering where this farm is located, we’ve already discussed the greatest base-building Minecraft seeds for making bases of this sort in games. On the new Minecraft 1.18 update, however, they won’t function. Therefore, be sure to try our list of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds if you are playing the new version of the game. There is a lot for you to uncover, from spectacular spawn sites to glitched areas. Carrots are undoubtedly among the most well-liked in-game food products. But do you also like them? Comment here with your favourite cuisine from Minecraft.