How to Get Google’s Magic Eraser on Your Pixel Device

The Google Pixel 6 series is undoubtedly impressive. The Google Tensorchip and a potent arsenal of features are why people adore this top series of smartphones. Users of the Pixel 6 are, however, drawn to the device for reasons other than its straightforward design, including the spectacular new capabilities of Android 12. The new Magic Eraser tool that was added to the Google Photos app is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Google Pixel 6. Amazingly, the Magic Eraser tool enables you to eliminate subjects, objects, and eye-candy from photographs. Did you realise, though, that this tool isn’t just for the Pixel 6? Yes, we have discovered a practical solution for other Pixel users to utilise this feature. Learn how to install Google’s Magic Eraser feature on your Pixel device by reading on.

Get Google s Magic Eraser on Your Pixel Device (2021)

While discussing how to install this fantastic tool on your Pixel phone, we will also discuss what Google’s Magic Eraser feature actually is. Use the table below to move on if you already know that information.

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What Is Google s Magic Eraser Tool?

We are certain that you have experienced photobombing before if you frequently take pictures. When people or even items are in the way of a wonderful photograph, there are occasions when you just can’t help it. That particular issue has a remedy in the form of Google Photos Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser is a potent tool designed to enhance the photo-editing capabilities of the Pixel s 6.

This useful function gets rid of any individuals or anything you might not want in the picture. For instance, with the tool, you can easily choose and eliminate a person in a shot who is standing behind you. The GIF that is below shows how this feature operates:

Courtesy: Google

The Magic Eraser tool from Google automatically detects and offers potential distractions in images. Then it gives you the option of either eliminating all of these distractions or choosing only a few. The magic eraser gives the option to utilise a brush to select what you would like to eliminate for those inclined to handle things on their own.

All of this is accomplished by Google’s Magic Eraser tool by utilising machine learning (ML). This clever ML technique automatically analyses an image and swaps out any empty pixels with pertinent ones. Your modified image will always feel natural if you do this. The new Magic Eraser function is an impressive tool that you should try out for yourself based on what we have observed and tested. Continue reading to find out how to accomplish that and get it on your Pixel device.

How to Get Google s Magic Eraser Tool on Your Pixel Device

Since Google hasn’t yet made the Magic Eraser feature available for your device, we’ll be using the most recent Google Photos APK file (version 5.64) that’s been circulating online. Except for the Pixel 6, any Pixel device running Android 12 that has the APK file installed functions flawlessly after that. On first- and second-generation Pixel phones running Android 11, you can install the APK, however the feature is broken and the app crashes while analysing the image.

Additionally, this approach is a workaround, so there’s a risk it won’t function properly on your device. Additionally, Google might release a server-side upgrade to restrict access to the Pixel 6 only. Therefore, while it’s still available, try it out.

In this lesson, the Google Photos Magic Eraser tool will be tested using a Google Pixel 4a. Once your Pixel smartphone is prepared, download the officialAPK Mirror Installer app (free) from the Google Play Store and install it before downloading the Google Photos APK from APKMirror. then adhere to the directions below.

1. On your Pixel phone, launch the APKMirror Installer app.

2. Click the “Browse files” button to access the directory and grant access if prompted.

3. Your Downloads folder will then be displayed by the programme. Choose the Google Photos APK Bundle that we previously downloaded.

Note: Since August 2021, Google has switched from using APKs to AABs (Android Program Bundles), and we must use a third-party app to install these Android app bundles.

4. Next, click the Install package option to get started. It will start loading the files.

5. When finished, click the Install or Watch ad and install appbutton.

6. After giving the required rights for the installation of the APK, touch the Allow from this sourcetoggle and return to the APKMirror Installer.

7. Select Update to get the most recent Google Photos app installed on your Pixel device in place of the old one. Allow the installation to proceed naturally.

8. To open the new Google Photos app after the installation is complete, tap the Open app button.

That’s all, then! You recently updated Google Photos to include the brand-new Magic Eraser tool. Let’s now study how to utilise it.

How to Use the New Magic Eraser Tool on Pixel Devices

We should go ahead and use the new Magic Eraser tool now that we have installed the APK. Select photographs that don’t contain distractions that are too close together even though the programme will do its best to eliminate things from all types of images. In this instance, you won’t be pleased with the outcomes. Let’s see how it functions nonetheless.

Open Google Photos on your Pixel device in step 1.

2. Tap to access the photo you wish to utilise the tool on from the images or library section.

3. Next, press the bottom Edit button.

4. To access the new Magic Eraser tool, scroll to the left and choose the Toolsmenu.

Remove Objects or Distractions from Images Using Magic Eraser Tool

Even while the tool will make an effort to generate suggestions, occasionally there may be none. Then just take the next action:

1. Touch and write over the item you want to eliminate with your finger until a coating of white paint is applied. As an alternative, you can circle-capture the object.

2. Give the gadget a few seconds to do its magic. And presto! In a few seconds, your undesired object will be eliminated from the picture. For more manipulation, use the Undo and Redo buttons. To start over if you think you might have made a mistake, tap the Reset button.

3. Tap the Donebutton when you are through editing, and your image will be saved in Google Photos. Then, you can export it however you choose. It is also that simple!

View the video below for assistance if you get stuck at any point during the process. Now go ahead and make a few of the strangers in your greatest pictures vanish.

Google Photos Magic Eraser Tool: Initial Impressions

I’ve had good luck using Google’s Magic Eraser tool on Pixel phones other than the Pixel 6. Although the tool is unable to offer any advice that are pertinent to me, it is able to quickly and easily eliminate the objects I have selected. Here are some examples of the before and after comparisons:

As you can see for yourself, the removal is not flawless. However, keep in mind that the Magic Eraser tool is not using the Tensor chip on any device other than the Pixel 6 series, thus the outcomes will unavoidably vary. But the Magic Eraser tool will work just fine for social media users who want to remove clutter from their photographs. For the time being, photographers who want to edit their images should stick to Photoshop.

Erase Unwanted Distractions with Google s Magic Eraser Tool

We wish you well in utilising this instruction to set up Google’s new Magic Eraser on your Pixel device. This useful feature, meanwhile, only makes up a portion of the experience. The finest Android 12 features also include a number of other incredible upgrades. And don’t worry if you happen to not own a Pixel device. Have fun with these Android 12 features on any Android handset. So how is your experience with the magic eraser tool going? Please share your story in the comments section.