How to Get Material You Theme in Google Chrome Right Now!

A few months ago, Google Chrome was seen testing the brand-new material Youdesign. Since then, Chrome’s Material You has begun to take shape, as seen by Android Police, and Google’s developers have made some headway with dynamic colour theming. This article will look at how to test out Chrome’s future Material You design before its release to the general public later this year.

Get Material You Theme in Google Chrome

On your smartphone, you must enable two Chrome flags in the Canary build in order to use Material You aesthetics in Google Chrome. It goes without saying that for the feature to function as intended, an Android phone running Android 12 is required. Having said that, let’s look at the procedures:

1. Launch Chrome Flags (chrome:/flags) and enable the flags shown below. After doing so, make sure to restart the browser. In particular, you should enable the Android flag for dynamic colours (Full).



2. If the feature does not appear right away, open Chrome Canary manually after removing it from the recent apps tab. Now, you’ll see that Chrome’s UI components adhere to the Material You design language. Below are some examples of how Chrome alters the colour of the user interface based on the wallpaper:

Chrome has incorporated Material You in certain key UI components, although it’s still not finished. The context menu for options & long-press and the background in Chrome settings are two glaring omissions at this moment. However, as Chrome prepares to fully integrate Material You theming, that ought to be corrected in upcoming Canary releases.

Try Material You Theme in Google Chrome

When Google releases Android 12 later this year, you can anticipate Chrome to feature Material You in the stable channel right away. Check out the top Android 12 features in the interim to keep current. Check out our coverage of the Pixel 6 series, information on the brand-new Google Tensor chip, and the comparison of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro if you’re interested in the upcoming Pixel phone. There is much to enjoy there!