How to Get MIUI 9 Themes on Your MIUI 8 Device

The MIUI 9 update’s developer beta, which introduced a number of new features and system enhancements, was just published. The update also adds 3 new themes in addition to that. These brand-new MIUI 9 themes each have their own distinctive personality and guarantee that your Mi or Redmi device will look fantastic. Sadly, Xiaomi has not made these themes available for MIUI 8 and they are only officially available with MIUI 9. Although MIUI 9’s stable build is still a few months away, if you presently have a smartphone running MIUI 8 and want to upgrade to MIUI 9 right away, follow these instructions.

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Download the ZIP file containing the MIUI 9 themes from here. Extract it and transfer the files to your device.
  • Download and install the free MIUI Theme Editor app from here. Once downloaded, open it up.

  • Upon opening the Theme Editor app, tap on the Browse button and browse to the downloaded folder containing the themes.
  • Once there, select the theme of your choice from the list of downloaded themes. You can choose between Color Fantasy, Cool Black, and Limitless.
  • Once you ve selected the theme of your choice, you ll be returned to the MIUI Theme Editor s main screen. Tap on Start to continue. You will now to be presented with options to edit the Status Bar, App Icons, etc. If you wish to, you can customize them, else simply press Next .
  • You will now be presented with the Export Theme page. Edit the theme name if you want to, and then tap on the Finish button to save the theme.
  • A confirmation box will now appear, asking you to install the saved theme. Tap on Ok . Once the theme has been installed, tap on Ok and exit the program.
  • Now, open the Themes app on your device. From the main screen, tap on the Downloaded button to browse the installed themes. From the list of themes that will appear next, select the theme that you just installed.
  • A detailed info about the selected theme will now be displayed. Simply tap on the Apply button to apply the theme.

On your MIUI 8 device, you can similarly instal all 3 MIUI 9 themes.

New MIUI 9 Themes

Three incredible themes were introduced with MIUI 9: Cool Black, Color Fantasy, and Limitless.

The primary goal of the Color Fantasy theme is to make the device as colourful as possible by using vibrant colour schemes and vibrant symbols. The Cool Black theme is more of a dark theme that uses a gloomy tone made up of blacks and greys, as the name suggests. Last but not least, the Limitless theme is a Material Design theme, adhering to the same material philosophy as Google and featuring flat icons and wallpapers.

Try The New MIUI 9 Themes on Your MIUI 8 Device

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