How to Get New Mobs in Minecraft Right Now

The upcoming Minecraft mob vote is less than a week away, as is Minecraft Live 2022. Three intriguing new mobs are available for the community to select, with the other two going extinct in the process. Making a decision is difficult, but what if you didn’t have to? Even if we are unable to stop Mojang from removing the creatures that receive the lowest number of votes, we can still use a simple method to add all of these new mobs to the game. So let’s not waste any more time and discover how to immediately add new Minecraft Live mobs to the game.

How to Try Out Minecraft Live Mobs (2022)

As you might have suspected, we’ll add these enemies to the game via free third-party mods. Only the Java edition of Minecraft supports these mobs. Users of Minecraft Bedrock will need to wait for the Minecraft 1.20 release to play with only the winning mob. Use the table below to learn how to add your preferred new mob to Minecraft if you are a Java player.

How to Install Mods in Minecraft

Forge, one of the most well-known mod managers available, must first be installed in Minecraft before any mods may be used. Use the guide in the linked page to quickly set it up. After that, just adhere to these instructions to add every Minecraft Live Vote 2022 mob to the game:

1. First, visit the mod’s download URL and select the download option.

2. After that, copy the downloaded file into the game’s mods folder. It can be found on Windows at the following directory address.


3. If the mod includes a resource pack, you must download and place it in your Minecraft installation’s resourcepacks folder. It’s situated at


Get Tuff Golem from Minecraft Live Mob Vote

A hypothetical ornamental Minecraft mob that holds and displays goods is called a Tuff Golem. Although it mainly remains motionless, much like a statue, you can quickly trigger it to move. Unlike other golems, this one is fully impartial and doesn’t engage in hostilities. We advise you to utilise ZainJx81’s combined Mob Vote 2022 mod to add this mob to the game.

All three of these enemies are added to the game by this mod. The Tuff Golem, however, comes the closest to being in its final form based on our tests. It may be made to hold and display objects wherever you like. All sides of the object a Tuff Golem is holding will be able to see it, and you can always take it back. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have the robe customization option that was displayed in the mob vote teaser. But the modder promised that it would soon be entirely true to the teaser.

Tough Golem by ZainJx81, download

Alternate Tuff Golem Mod

Every concept always has more than one mod alternative because to the sizable Minecraft community. That also applies to Tuff Golem modifications. You can also try out the following mod if you don’t like the one listed above. This specific mod also adds a straightforward crafting statue for the Tuff Golem. The method is comparable to how Iron Golem can be created in Minecraft. However, exercising creative licence, this mod positions the mod in statue mode, which makes it appear cute but isn’t true to the teaser.

2022 Tough Golem Mob Concept Download

Get Rascal from Minecraft Live Mob Vote

The Rascal is the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022 submission that everyone was least expecting. It attempts to play hide-and-seek with players when it spawns inside the mineshafts beneath the overworld. If you locate the Rascal three times in a row, it will give you a surprise gift. Rascal gave the player an enchanted pickaxe in the Mob Vote teaser, but additional, more expensive goodies are also anticipated.

Now, we advise using the Koncept mod to get this Mob Vote character in Minecraft before the event. It gives the mineshafts a Rascal with an ideal texture. Potion of Invisibility is used by this mob to conceal itself from players. You must now explore the area in search of potion fragments in order to locate the Rascal. A magical pickaxe is yours after you locate the Rascal three times.

Rascal for Minecraft download

Get the Sniffer Mob in Minecraft Right Now

Sniffer appears to be the most well-liked mob in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022. It begins life as an egg in the overworld’s oceans before developing into a little dinosaur-like creature. The Sniffer then searches the earth for seeds that can sprout into unusual plants.

A large-scale interactive version of Sniffer is added to Minecraft by this mod. It wanders about sniffing seeds and pursues any players holding flowers. Similar to Minecraft frogs, the Sniffer deposits an egg in the water after mating. However, this mod does not yet include a baby Sniffer.

VotesDownload Sniffer Mod

Bonus: Add Copper Golem to Minecraft

For fans who lose mobs, the Minecraft Live event is always devastating. Despite the community’s strong support for the Copper Golem, Ally won the poll and entered the game with the most recent Minecraft 1.19 release in 2021. It is now time to reacquaint yourself with this lost buddy if you were a member of its fans before the election.

The hack we discovered adds a miniature Copper Golem to Minecraft, and it does it just as the teaser teased. The Copper golems wander around aimlessly and corrode over time like regular copper blocks do.

The Copper Golems are designed to press copper buttons anytime they come across them, which is how they function. Some of the best Minecraft farms can be automated using this mechanism.

the Copper Golem Mod for free

Get Minecraft Live Mob Vote Contenders Right Now!

You are now prepared to immediately meet all the candidates for the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022. But keep your focus on the main event this week and don’t let the mods divert you. On the day of the event, don’t forget to cast your vote in the official Minecraft Mob Vote 2022. We’ll make sure you can vote without any problems by directing you to our connected instructions. After that, which mob do you formally desire for Minecraft? Tell us in the remarks section below!