How to Get Night Mode on Older iPhones Like iPhone Xs, XR and iPhone 8

While Apple’s 2019 iPhones boast several noteworthy features, the pro-grade camera has been taking centre stage. And rightfully so, as it has restored the iPhones’ dominance in the field of cameras. Speaking of great camera performance, the ability to take excellent low-light shots without sacrificing quality has undoubtedly garnered the most notice for Night mode. However, you can only access it if you own the newest iPhone 11, 11, Pro, or 11 Pro Max. But wait on before you start to feel let down since there is a way to enable the popular Night mode on older iPhone models, including the iPhone Xs, X, XR, and even the iPhone 8. And that’s just what I’ll cover in this brief essay.

Use Night Mode on Older iPhones Like iPhone Xs, XR and iPhone 8

First and foremost, you need to be aware that Night Mode is not fully functional. In other words, the Night Mode we will demonstrate to you won’t be as effective as the one Apple ships. Even so, it performs admirably and is still preferable than having no low-light photography capability at all. How then are we going to bring it about? It turns out that the iPad and iPhone both support night mode cameras when they are running iOS 12 or later thanks to an app called NeauralCam.

How Does NeuralCam Brighten Up Images?

The programme first captures many pictures before using machine learning-powered image processing techniques to combine the frames. The final image so appears bright. In other words, it takes an HDR mode approach to photo-taking. Please keep in mind that taking many pictures takes time. Therefore, you must maintain a steady grip on your iPhone for roughly 4-5 seconds. The camera app needs a few extra seconds after the image has been taken to process the frames and present the final image.

Remember that the app’s $4.99 pricing is fair given how well it performs. Let’s start now that the small disclaimer has been made!

1. Start by searching for NeuralCam in the App Store. Alternately, you can simply click the link to download it.

2. Open the app on your device at this point. Then, point the camera in the direction of the scene you wish to capture, and press the shutter button. Hold your phone steady until the capture circle completely disappears from the screen. Of course, the camera app also allows you to take selfies. So make sure to attempt some amazing selfies in low light.

Some Sample Images to Show You that It Works

View a few of the example images that were taken with the iPhone XR’s NeuralCam app. On the left are pictures taken with the iOS camera, while on the right are pictures taken with NeuralCam.

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Shoot Night Mode Photos on Your Older iPhones

So, that’s how to access the renowned Night mode of the iPhone 11 on previous iOS devices. The software obviously doesn’t provide the same outcome, but it has more than enough features to enable you to take respectable shots in low light. What do you think of NeuralCam, and would you be interested in downloading it to your iPhone? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.