How to Get Real Kits and Licensed Teams in PES 2018

Our review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (also known as PES 2018) is already available. The PES series has always struggled because there aren’t any licenced teams or uniforms, despite the excellent performance of the football simulator. Teams have odd names, and the uniforms worn by their players vary. While Konami might not be able to obtain the formal licencing for PES, the game does, happily, support custom modding. As a result, you can personally tweak every model to give it life. However, wouldn’t that be a tiresome task? Well, don’t worry; the PES modding community has created a full patch for your game because it is so active. These features have been updated by this patch:

  • Brings real name licenses to all Leagues and Competitions
  • Adds real names to all the teams (club and national)
  • Brings real kits to all teams (club and national)
  • Adds all the missing teams from the Bundesliga

That is fantastic, doesn’t it? Additionally, installing this is quite simple. Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin.

Note: The PS4 and PC are the only platforms that support adding custom data. There is no fix for Microsoft XBOX users because the user cannot load custom models from the storage. Any other XBOX user workarounds will be added to this article as they are found.

Get Real Kits and Licensed Teams for PES 2018 on PS4

You must have a USB pen drive with a minimum 4GB storage capacity in order to use this method. Additionally, ensure sure the pen drive is FAT32 formatted.

1. To get started, download the PS4 PES 2018 Option File to your computer from here. Once finished, extract the RAR file’s contents.

2. Connect your pen drive to your PC after extracting the RAR file’s contents.

To the USB flash drive, copy the WEPES folder.

3. After successfully copying the WEPES folder, unplug the pen drive from your computer and insert it into your PlayStation 4.

Play the latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer. Navigate to the Extrastab and choose Edit using the DualShock 4 controller’s L1 and R1 keys.

4. You may be prompted by the system to generate a new Edit data entry. The system will build a new Edit data for all user customizations if you simply choose yes in the affirmative.

5. The Edit Menu will be displayed once your Edit data has been produced. Choose Data Management from here.

6. A new Data Management screen will now appear. SelectImport/Export.

7. Next, choose Import Team. You will be prompted by the system to choose your storage device. Just choose the USB flash device on which you copied the WEPES folder.

8. The list of all the teams whose data will be replaced will now appear on the screen. To manually choose the checkboxes next to the teams you want to update, click the theSquare button on your controller. Select “Go to Advanced Settings” when finished.

9. The advanced update settings will now be displayed on the screen. Check the boxes next to Overwriting picture files with the same name and Applying player and squad data. Uncheck the option to “Select team to import data to.” Once finished, click OK.

Get Real Kits and Licensed Teams for PES 2018 on PC

10. All of the team names will now begin to be updated by the system. You will then be taken back to the Import/Export page. Select Import Competition after that, then repeat the first two steps.

11. When the process is complete, the system will let you know.

The end of that. To see the new modifications in action, go create a match.

1. To get started, download the PS4 PES 2018 Option File to your computer from here. Once finished, extract the RAR file’s contents.

2. After extracting the RAR file’s contents, add the WEPES folder to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 folder under C: Users%username%.

Get All Real Kits and Licensed Teams in PES 2018

3. Once you’ve finished, launch PES 2018 and begin playing. Select Edit from the Extrastab by going there.