How to Get to Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19

The game’s most terrifying locations are now accessible thanks to the Minecraft 1.19 update, and something sinister is hiding in the shadows. However, you must first discover how to locate the deep dark biome and the Ancient city in Minecraft before moving on and running into the Warden. We are going to assist you with that in this tutorial. Here, we’ve provided the finest ways to enter the game’s deep, shadowy, old metropolis. Before entering this environment, make sure you know how to battle and defeat Warden in Minecraft. As we enter Minecraft’s deep, dark terrain, it’s time to stop travelling and start sneaking.

Find Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft (Updated June 2022)

First, we’ll discuss how to locate the deep, dark biome, then we’ll discuss how to locate ancient cities. However, you can jump straight to the cities part by using the table below.

Note: The 9th of June at 2:10 AM PST/2:40 PM IST was the last time this article was updated.

Where Does Deep Dark Biome Spawn in Minecraft 1.19

The deep dark is a cave biome that typically spawns in the overworld below Y=0 world height. A variety of sculk blocks cover the poorly light biome. Only the Warden can organically spawn here in terms of creatures. However, that doesn’t stop other monsters from surrounding biomes from straying into the pitch black.

How to Find Deep Dark Biome

The natural method of locating the deep dark biome entails going on mining expeditions and continuing to explore below Y=0 until you come across sculk features. Then, all you have to do is stick to the sculk features to find the whole biome. But there is an alternative strategy if you don’t want to go the conventional route.

Command to Locate Deep Dark

Use the following command in your chat to locate the deep dark biome if cheats are enabled in your world:

deep dark minecraft:locate biome

Sadly, this command is limited to the Java edition. There is no confirmation for the alternative command that we anticipate will be included in Minecraft 1.20. Regardless, executing the aforementioned command will display the location of the closest deep dark biome. The biome can then be reached using travel or teleportation in Minecraft.

Where Does Ancient City Spawn in Minecraft 1.19

The Ancient city only spawns below Y=0 world height beneath the overworld, just like the Deep Dark. However, it always spawns in a sizable open space that can handle its size. Not to mention that not all deep dark biomes have an Ancient city, despite the fact that it is the only one that generates.

How to Find Ancient City

As you may anticipate, the developers advise that we locate the ancient city by following the sculk features and travelling through various deep, gloomy biomes. However, if you are on a bad seed or simply don’t have enough time, that strategy is unreliable. Therefore, we have also gathered some simpler options.

Command to Locate Ancient City

The closest Ancient city’s coordinates can be found in the Java version of Minecraft by using the command:

/find building minecraft:ancient city

Instead, you can use the following command on the Bedrock edition:

find ancientcity

To activate them, utilise the in-game chat box’s commands. However, be careful to turn on cheats in your world first. Additionally, after you arrive at this spot, don’t forget to check out the Minecraft portal for the Ancient City. The article linked here is a list of all the rumours and speculative claims that have been made concerning the portal.

Best Seeds to Find Deep Dark and Ancient City

In Minecraft, spawning close to the deep dark biome and the ancient city is the fastest and best way to find them. Fortunately, you can get considerably more if you use the appropriate seeds.

Bedrock Seed to Find Ancient City at Spawn

You are spawned with this specific seed atop a snowy mountain. However, an ancient city hidden beneath the same mountain is just waiting to be found. Yes, you will have to work hard and for a while, but if you find the city’s treasure, it will all have been worthwhile. And be sure to flee before the sculk sensor detects you if your immediate goal is to enter the city.

  • Seed Code: -7969402200478764570
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Slopes
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 8, -43, 136

Java Seed to Find Ancient City and Deep Dark

In contrast to the Bedrock seed, this one also spawns you on top of a glitched ancient metropolis. Naturally, there shouldn’t be any mineshafts close to the historic city. On top of the city, a mineshaft is however created by this seed. Exploration in this seed can be a little risky because of the extra creatures from the mineshafts. The increased wealth, though, would make up for it.

  • Seed Code: -3583656773070355489
  • Spawn Biome: Savanna
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 24, -42, 56

Find Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft

Visit our list of the top ancient city seeds right away if you want to keep having easy access to the ancient cities. We even have a seed that spawns within the city with a stronghold. To save time when examining each seed, remember to learn how to teleport in Minecraft. However, you should strive to locate an Allay in your world if you want a vacation from Minecraft’s sinister side. This adorable and helpful mob follows you about and even gathers supplies for you. Do you have another way to locate the deep black now that that is out of the way? In the comments, please!