How to Get Verified Badge on TikTok

It’s difficult to establish a distinctive character on a large video-sharing website like TikToki. With millions of enthusiastic creators competing for attention, it takes a special talent as well as a lot of guts and chutzpah to make a name stick in everyone’s memory. Because of this, creators who are successful in capturing viewers’ attention with their incredible dance prowess, hilarious lip-sync technique, or impressive stunt show receive a certified badge, a mark confirming their admittance into the top league. The blue tick mark not only serves as a badge of distinction but also elevates a creator to the status of a TikTok celebrity. It seems sense that the majority of TikTok users want to be confirmed. Check out the expert advice to verify your TikTok account if you’re one of them.

Tips to Get Verified on TikTok

To start, there isn’t a simple way to confirm a TikTok account. Therefore, you should dispel any misconceptions that may have led you to believe that you may obtain a certified badge by simply following a few simple steps. Everything depends on how well-liked you are, how good your films are, and what kind of interaction your videos get. Additionally, if the ByteDance-owned platform determines that your account qualifies, it will reward you with a verified badge. Of course, celebrities are treated differently because their accounts are recognised even before they’ve published their first video. However, do not worry; there are certain expert suggestions that can increase your chances.

Difference Between a TikTok Popular Creator and Verified Account

On its video-sharing platform, TikTok provides users with two types of verified account statuses. Although they both display the identical blue checkmark next to the names of user accounts, they differ in their descriptor.

  • Verified account: Comparatively, it s more difficult to get verified TikTok accounts as they are mostly given to celebrities and major organizations.
  • Popular creator: Getting popular creator TikTok badge is a little easier to get. As for the criteria, it s typically offered to those who are active, have a ton of followers, abide by the guidelines, and more significantly get plenty of engagement on their videos.

What About Getting a TikTok Crown?

In search of a TikTok crown label? Let me inform you that it is no longer available on the ByteDance-owned platform. It has been replaced by the business with the well-liked account status verification system. What happens to the crown labels that users have already been given? Well, the well-known creator label and blue checkmarks have taken their place.

Where Does the Verified Badge Show Up?

Right next to the usernames in searches and follower lists is a blue tick mark. On TikTok profiles, the type of verified account is indicated next to the checkmark.

It is not a verified account if the badge is not displayed beneath the username or if it is displayed elsewhere on the profile (such as the bio). Verified badges are only applied by TikTok, and they always display in the same spot.

Remember that numerous phoney websites and online scams make the promise to validate a TikTok account. Don’t be fooled by their extravagant claims, which are intended to steal both your personal information and a lot of money. Therefore, you should avoid using them as they could result in the termination of your TikTok account.

What Are the Requirements to Get Verified on TikTok?

On TikTok, there are four fundamental prerequisites for verification. And TikTok might already be considering rewarding you if your profile checks off all the conditions. But if the requirements don’t match your profile, work to change them.


Being authentic is the first thing you need to do. Yes, the only thing that can provide you an enduring identity on the video-sharing site is sincerity.


Even while I always value drawing inspiration from greats and modelling the finest in the field, I detest obvious copycats. And I’m not the only one who believes that being real and distinctive are essential traits that define a celebrity. So always strive to create your own unique identity while drawing inspiration from great artists to stand out in the fierce competition.


The likelihood of you getting verified on TikTok will likely remain low unless you increase your activity there, regardless of how gracefully you complete TikTok challenges or how captivating films you submit on the video-sharing network. So let go and take as much initiative as you can.

Adhere to Community Guidelines

Social networking sites have become a reasonably secure haven for troll armies and so-called professional cry babies, despite the fact that I am a major admirer of them and think they are wonderful for enabling individuals to display their creativity. Therefore, never engage in any activity that might diminish other users or paint you in a negative light. In conclusion, strictly abide by community rules.

Boost Your Chances of Getting Verified TikTok Badge

Here are some suggestions to improve your chances of receiving Twitter’s coveted verified mark.

Share Top-Notch Videos

Don’t allow your films fade into obscurity on a platform where millions of captivating videos are uploaded every day. Your films can quickly become viral by adding the missing wings with a little extra work. Keep in mind that a brief video needs to grab viewers’ interest straight away and maintain it throughout. Make sure your videos are of a calibre to grab viewers’ interest. Quality also refers to how interesting the concept and the video are. It only takes a few seconds, after all!

Your Videos Should Be Vertical

TikTok’s popularity on the web cannot be disputed, but the mobile app is what has propelled the video-sharing service to new heights, garnering over 2 billion downloads. As a result, always design videos with mobile devices in mind. I gather that because they are more pleasant to watch on smartphones and tablets, vertical videos are a big hit.

Upgrade Your Tools

Your videos’ visual appeal can be greatly improved by using professional-grade technologies. Pro tools include things like using a tripod to prevent last-minute camera wobble, utilising unique lighting, and employing top-notch video editing software. Of course, TikTok includes some seriously awesome sound effects and filters. However, they remain only baby effects.

Step into New Challenges

The secret to staying ahead of the curve is improvisation. Therefore, avoid being complacent and believing that there is little room for development. Even if you are a master of your craft, if your films don’t contain original concepts, they won’t receive enough hearts. As a result, don’t decline a task just because it isn’t in your purview.

Tips to Get Verified Badge on TikTok

You’re all set! These TikTok tips and methods will therefore increase your likelihood of earning a verified badge on the video-sharing app. Although I respect TikTok’s stringent verification process, I wish there was a way to enable account verification for every real user. What do you think about it? Post your ideas in the comments section.