How to Hide Apps on Android Devices

Ever wanted to conceal apps from nosy people? There are a lot of reasons to hide apps, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you had. You might not want others to be able to see a dating app that you have installed on your device as an example. Although Android allows you to always lock apps, people can still access the app, and as we all know, people can be pretty judgmental. We therefore have some good news for you if you have been considering how to hide applications on Android. Here are several options for hiding apps on Android-powered devices.

Hide Apps on Android Devices (Updated July 2020)

In recent times, hiding apps has become a native feature of Android skins. On Android, you can hide your essential apps without root access or by disabling the apps. Where appropriate, we have mentioned both native methods and a general method for all Android devices in this article. The steps are available at the link below.

  1. Hide Apps on OnePlus Android Devices
  2. Hide Apps on Xiaomi (Mi/Redmi/POCO) Android Devices
  3. Hide Apps on Realme Android Devices
  4. Hide Apps on Samsung Android Devices
  5. Hide Apps on Any Android Device Using Launcher
  6. Hide Apps Without Changing Launcher
  7. Hide Apps on Rooted Smartphones

Remove Apps from App Drawer

1. Hide Apps on OnePlus Android Devices

1. To access the launcher menu, swipe up from the home screen. After that, swipe right and a Hidden Space will appear. Click the + button here.

2. Next, choose which Android apps you want to keep hidden. Additionally, you can tap the 3-dot menu to enable a password so that you can access the hidden apps.

2. Hide Apps on Xiaomi Devices (Mi/Redmi/Poco)

1. Go to Apps > App Lock in Settings.

2. After that, slide left to access the Hidden Apps area, which is up top. Turn on the toggle for the apps you want to hide here. There it is.

3. Hide Apps on Realme Android Devices

1. Go to Privacy -> App Lock in Settings.

If you haven’t already, step two is to create a privacy passcode.

3. Next, tap the app you wish to conceal (in this example, I’m hiding the Photos app) and turn on the option for password verification. When you do that, a concealing homescreen icon option will become available. To complete the process, simply turn on the toggle.

4. Hide Apps on Samsung Devices

1. Swipe up to reveal the App Drawer, then tap the three dots in the top-right corner to access the menu. Activate the Home screen settings here.

2. Select the Hide App option. Choose the apps you wish to hide here, then hit Done. You’re done now.

5. Hide Apps on Any Android Device (Stock Android, Motorola, Asus, Pixel, LG)

You will need to utilise a third-party launcher if your Android device doesn’t have a native option for hiding apps.

Here, we’ll demonstrate how to use Lawnchair to conceal apps. However, since anyone can use the app via the Play Store app, it is not a foolproof method. You should thus utilise an App Locker on your Android device to completely protect the hidden apps. After having said all of that, let’s move on to the procedure.

1. Download and instal Lawnchair on your Android device first (it’s free).

2. Next, hold down the home screen while tapping to bring up Home Settings. Go to the Drawer section now.

6. Hide Apps Without Changing Launcher

3. Select the apps you wish to conceal by tapping on Hidden App Shortcuts in this section. Those chosen apps will be immediately removed from your Android device. That’s very easy, right?

You can use a clever trick to mask the app in the app drawer if you don’t want to update your launcher to conceal apps. To prevent anyone from smelling your programme, you can simply alter the icon image to one of a common app (like the Calculator or Dialer app). In this manner, the app will be there in the app drawer but will be concealed. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Download and instal X Icon Changer (free).

2. Next, touch the Ok button after selecting the app and selecting an icon from its library. The icon picture from the app drawer will now be modified.

7. Hide Apps on Android Devices [Root Required]

The icon image in the app drawer cannot be changed if you are using Android 9 or 10. Instead, a new shortcut with a fresh image will be created on your home screen. You will need root access to hide apps on Android 9 or 10, and the instructions are below.

Install the free Hide App first, and when it starts up, give theroot permission.

2. After that, touch the Add button and choose the app you wish to hide. Tap the Hide button after that.

Keep Your Apps Away from Prying Eyes

3. Open the default launcher now, and the prohibited app won’t be there. In reality, the app will also no longer be available through the Play Store. For instance, the Netflix app is not available here.