How to Hide Likes on Facebook

Facebook has been developing a number of strategies for a while now to help its users’ mental health. First, the business included Facebook’s Take a Break function to block anyone you don’t want to contact with. The option to hide like numbers on Facebook has now been made available to all users internationally by the corporation. You have the option to turn off like counts for all other people’s posts in your Facebook newsfeed as well as hide likes on your own posts. Facebook has given users this option because experts believe it may benefit users. Therefore, carefully read our tutorial below if you want to discover how to hide likes on Facebook.

Hide Like Counts on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide (2022)

In this article, we’ll go through three ways to hide Facebook likes. We will discuss how to use the Facebook website, the Android and iOS apps, as well as an extension, to make your likes private. The table below can be expanded so you can navigate to any area.

Hide Facebook Likes Using Android/ iOS Mobile App

Use the instructions below to conceal likes if you’re using the Facebook app on an iPhone or Android phone. Make sure your Facebook app is updated to the most recent version from the Play Store or App Store. For this tutorial, I’m using the Android app, but the procedures are the same for iOS users as well.

1. Launch the Facebook application, then select the hamburger icon in the top-right corner (present at the bottom right on iPhone). Here, extend the Settings & Privacy option by scrolling down. Then click Settings.

2. Next, select Reaction Preferences from the Preferences box.

3. Turn on the toggle under “Hide amount of reactions” for “On your posts.” All of your posts’ like totals on Facebook will be hidden. Turn on the toggle for “On posts from others as well” if you wish to remove the like counts from other people’s posts.

There it is. You were successful in stopping Facebook users from liking your content. Be aware that postings on Facebook Marketplace and Reels will still display reaction numbers.

Disable Facebook Like Counts on the Web

This guide will assist you with hiding likes on the Facebook website if you use a desktop web browser. You must all follow the steps listed below.

1. Go to Facebook (website link) and click in the top-right corner on the arrow icon. Click Settings & privacy after that.

2. Select News Feed Preferences from the menu.

3. Scroll down to and select “Reaction preferences” on the new page that appears.

4. Next, turn on the toggles for both your own posts and other people’s postings. It will conceal likes on all of your and other people’s Facebook posts.

Hide Facebook Likes Using an Extension

You can install an extension or add-on on your computer’s browser if, for some reason, the Facebook account settings page for hiding like counts is not currently accessible. The steps are listed below.

Install the Hide Likes extension for Chrome or Microsoft Edge if you use those browsers (Free). Additionally, if you use Firefox, apply this extension to your browser (Free). The best feature of this plugin is that it conceals likes on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook as well.

2. At this point, nothing needs to be done. Simply open the Facebook website, and all like counts for posts in your newsfeed will vanish. Keep in mind, though, that other people will still be able to see how many people have liked your postings. So, yes, using Facebook’s built-in feature to conceal likes on the social media site is preferable.

How to Hide Page Likes on Facebook

You can choose to conceal likes for particular page categories on Facebook in addition to user posts. This includes, among many other things, things like eating establishments, motion pictures, music, sports teams, and apparel. When you like your favourite k-pop group, football team, or obscure apparel brand, everyone may see because Page likes are by default set to public (but they do).

As a result, keep reading to learn how to conceal Page likes from other Facebook users and adjust who may see your Page categories audience:

1. Go to your profile by clicking your profile photo in the top right corner of

2. Next, select More from the drop-down box next to your profile name.

Choose Likes from the list of available options.

3. Select the ellipsis (three dots) icon next to the Likes heading on the following page.

4. After that, choose Edit the Privacy of Your Likes.

5. After that, select the Page category whose audience parameters you wish to modify by clicking on the globe symbol.

6. Finally, decide how private you want your Facebook Page likes to be. Choose the Only Me option to conceal your favourite music pages if you don’t want other Facebook users to see them. Other choices are Public, Friends, Friends (except for acquaintances), and a Custom List.

Disable Likes and Reactions on Facebook

7. After you have completed the required adjustments, click on Close. The end of that. Your Page likes won’t appear in other users’ Facebook newsfeeds anymore.