How to Hide Messages on iPhone

Ironically, privacy is nearly nonexistent in the digital age, despite being of the utmost importance. However, it’s crucial to protect your information when it comes to issues like private images or email protection. In a similar spirit, you wouldn’t want anyone else to have access to your messages because they are unquestionably one of the most private forms of data on your iPhone. Do not worry, though; we will show you how to quickly safeguard your communications on iOS. How to conceal texts on an iPhone is shown below.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone and iPad (2022)

You can hide your messages whether you exclusively use iMessage, use secure messaging services like Telegram or Signal, or perhaps even WhatsApp. In fact, the majority of third-party apps support Face ID and Touch ID locking, whereas iMessage doesn’t actually have a good solution to hide or lock your chats. We’ll look at how to lock and hide your chats in each of these applications in this article.

To quickly access the app you desire, browse the table of contents below.

Hide Messages from Lock Screen/Notification Center on iPhone and iPad

If the message snippets are readily available from the Lock Screen and Notification Center, there is no purpose in hiding them. Additionally, you should encrypt your iPhone lock screen in general and stop message notifications from displaying as banners for added security.

1. Select Notifications from the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Next, choose the Messages app by scrolling down to find it. Uncheck the boxes next to Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners in the Alerts section.

Hide Messages Preview from Lock Screen on iPhone and iPad

You can effectively hide text previews on the lockscreen of your iPhone or iPad with iOS. To add another level of security to your private chats, you should make the most of this privacy option.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone and select Notifications > Messages.

2. Next, click Shows Previews under the Lock Screen Appearancesection. You can select one of three choices on this screen:

  • Always: Select it to always show notification preview on your device lock screen.
  • When Unlocked (default): Choose it to show notification preview of the messages only when your device is unlocked.
  • Never: Select it to always keep the notification preview of your messages hidden on the lock sreen.

Hide Alerts from Specific iMessage Conversation Threads on iOS and iPadOS

You can choose to hide alerts from particular chat threads in the Apple Messages app. To protect your most private or delicate talks, you should use this function.

1. Open the message app on your device and select the desired conversation thread.

2. Next, tap your name up top and activate the toggle next to “Hide Alerts.”

Hide iMssage Using Invisible Ink Bubble Effect on iPhone and iPad

You confirm the action, make sure to tap on Donat the upper right.

  • Open the Messages app on your device -> choose a conversation thread.
  • Now, type in your message. Then, touch and hold the Send (the upward pointing arrow) and choose Invisible Ink.
  • Your iMessage will now be hidden behind blurry animated pixels. Tap the Send (upward pointing arrow) to send the message.

Hide WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Invisible Ink, a privacy-focused bubble effect included with iMessage, allows you to cloak your words in hazy movement. The recipient of your iMessage must remove the invisible ink to see the concealed text. I’ve been using this fun bubble effect to protect my private communications ever since iOS 10 introduced it. I’m confident you’ll adore this text effect if you give it a try.

  • Head over to WhatsApp on your iPhone and find the chat thread you want to hide away.
  • Now, swipe from right to left on the message thread and then tap the Archive button.
  • All of your hidden chats will now appear inside the Archived section. Bear in mind that archived chats become unarchived when you receive a new message.
  • If you wish to keep them forever hidden, go to Settings -> Chats and then turn on the toggle for Keep Chats Archived.
  • To unarchive any WhatsApp chat, navigate to the Chats screen -> pull down to reveal the Archived section and tap on it. Now, swipe towards left from right on the chat in question and hit Unarchive.

Hide Telegram Chats on iPhone and iPad

A clever approach to hide WhatsApp messages is to archive them. So, give this easy yet efficient method a try if you want to keep part of your private WhatsApp talks private.

Surprise! The archive feature in Telegram makes it just as simple to hide chats on an iPhone.

1. Open the Telegram app for iOS and go to the chat thread you want to hide.

2. Next, click the “Archive” icon on the chat by swiping left.

Hide Signal Chats on iPhone and iPad

Your secret conversation will appear in the Archived Chats section. Pull down on the conversations screen to open the Archived Chatsfolder, then tap on any message to make it visible. Then, on the conversation thread, swipe left and select Unarchive.

In Signal, concealing conversations works exactly like it does in WhatsApp and Telegram.

1. On your iOS device, open the Signal app and navigate to the chat thread you wish to hide.

2. To archive a specific Signal chat, swipe left to right and select Archive.

Lock WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal on iPhone

3. Your secret talks will be stored in the section called “Archived Chats.” Go to this section, swipe left on a specific chat, then select Unarchive to reveal Signal talks.

Hide WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal Notifications on iOS

You can entirely lock the chat applications on your iPhone so that only you can access them if you want to take a step further and not only conceal specific discussions. For information on how to lock WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal on iPhone, see our article.

You can choose to hide your WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal message notifications from the lock screen and notification centre based on your preferences. Additionally, you can choose to hide their notification previews on the lock screen to further protect your private messages.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and select Notifications.

Hide Messages on iPhone and Protect Your Private Chats

2. Next, find WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal by scrolling down and choosing your preferred app. Tap Show Previews under the Lock Screen Appearance by scrolling down. Next, select Never to permanently hide the notification previews on your device’s lock screen.