How to Hide Orders on Amazon

We have all made humiliating Amazon purchases that we would rather no one ever finds out about. You can choose to hide up to 500 purchases from your Amazon order history, whether it’s after a wild night of shopping or to create a surprise gift for a friend. You may easily hide orders from your Amazon account by following the instructions in this article.

Hide Orders on Amazon in a Few Easy Steps (2021)

Only the Amazon website offers the option to conceal orders. Your Amazon mobile app purchases cannot be archived. Therefore, be sure to carry out these instructions using a browser on a PC or mobile device. Having said that, here’s how to archive an Amazon order.

How to Archive Your Amazon Order

1. Log in to your Amazon account on the internet, then click Returns & Orders in the top-right corner of the page.

2. Locate the order you want to hide from the list of purchases available under the Your Orders section, and then click on Archive order.

3. Click on Archive order once again after the confirmation alert appears. The order has been successfully archived, and your Amazon order history will no longer include it.

How to Unarchive Your Amazon Order

1. From the homepage, click on Account & Lists, then select Your Account from the dropdown menu to view the hidden purchase in the full list of your Amazon orders.

2. To manage your archived orders, click the Archived orders section. Notably, you might not be able to access Amazon India’s archived orders section. However, you can browse through all of your concealed orders by using this direct URL.

3. The Unarchive Order button is now located next to the product listing. When you click it, your order will appear once more in your Amazon order history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to remove my Amazon order history?

You cannot, regrettably, erase your Amazon order history. Up to 500 orders from your order history can, however, be archived and hidden at your discretion.

How can I view past Amazon orders?

The Archived orders feature of Amazon allows you to view concealed orders. Visit Your Account -> Archived Orders on the Amazon website to view archived orders.

Can I conceal every order or purchase I make on Amazon?

No, although Amazon allows you to archive a total of 500 orders.

How may orders be hidden on the Amazon app?

On the official Amazon app for Android, iPhone, or iPad, orders cannot be hidden. You should archive or unarchive your previous orders using the Amazon website.

Hide Orders from Your Amazon Account

We have now completed our tutorial on how to archive your Amazon orders. A direct deletion option for the orders would have been nice, but it could invite abuse if someone gained access to your Amazon account. Therefore, if you share your account with family or friends, the option to archive orders is undoubtedly a great compromise to help protect your privacy. For a safer purchasing experience, we also advise you to tighten your privacy settings on Amazon while you’re at it.